Mar 03, 2020

CarePage Business Crowned Joint Winners of Best Software Development at Aged Care Awards

Day one of yesterday’s ITAC 2020 conference featured a number of distinguished guest speakers including CarePage’s Lauren Todorovic, who spoke candidly about the important role that data collection and analytics play in improving the quality of life of aged care residents.

After a day full of interesting insights from IT experts, the event culminated in an awards dinner that celebrated and acknowledged the most innovative IT initiatives throughout the Australian aged care sector over the last 12 months.

There were a number of candidates vying for awards in different categories, including CarePage that was crowned the joint winner of the best software development and/or deployment award alongside Procura.

Lauren Todorovic, CEO, and Founder of CarePage says, “We are very proud to have won this award for our work delivering real-time feedback technology with Allity Aged Care.

“This is a really pivotal moment as we see the role of customer and team experience measurement being recognised by the sector”

CarePage’s winning entry focused on the successful roll-out of real-time customer experience technology across Allity Aged Care homes.

“With 45 homes across the country, Allity approached CarePage as a software partner in the development and application of their customer experience strategy.

“With a focus on making every day the best it can be, Allity wanted better insights to support the delivery of great experience for residents,” says Ms Todorovic.

“Allity wanted to quickly get a baseline measure of customer experience from which to drive continuous improvement in services.

“CarePage software provided them with a real-time feedback solution that was flexible, efficient and allowed for the gathering of feedback across the customer journey,” says Ms Todorovic.

Ms Todorvic said that CarePage developed its feedback software to give providers the tools and meaningful insights required to improve services and deliver positive experiences for aged care residents and their family members.

“An industry-wide shift towards consumer outcomes has seen a number of forward-thinking organisations look to obtain evidence-based insight into the experiences of their residents.

“Organisations, such as Allity, who have really embraced customer and team feedback have seen how they can harness technology to address potential problem areas and deliver improvements for residents within a short space of time,” says Ms Todorovic

CarePage would like to congratulate all the other winners at last night’s awards who are doing great work improving the lives of older people and people living with disability.

Other winners from last night’s awards included:

BaptistCare – The best solution that achieves integration across multiple platforms and across different stages of their time with a provider.

Skedulo – The best solution that manages the tracking of clients’ or workers’ interaction with an organisation.

McLean Care – The best solution that provides ongoing consumer independence.

Ozcare – The best workforce efficiency or quality improvement solution.

Register of Senior Australians (ROSA) – The best application of business intelligence to leverage value from big data.

IRTgroup – Best innovative development.

Endeavor Foundation – Meritorious development.

McLean Care – Overall winner.

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