Senior Lecturer, Sydney Pharmacy School, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney
Carl Schneider

Dr Carl Schneider is an academic, educator, pharmacist and nurse with research interests focusing on the quality use of medicines. Dr Schneider is an experienced registered pharmacist, having worked in Australia and the United Kingdom in both hospital and community practice settings. He is also a registered nurse with experience in the respiratory and sleep medicine specialty.

During the completion of his PhD in 2010 on the provision of non-prescription medication by community pharmacists in Western Australia, Dr Schneider led the development of a national protocol for the provision of short-acting beta-agonists as Pharmacist Only medicines. Presently, Carl oversees research in the value of pharmacist screening and referral as part of the role of clinical pharmacy in healthcare.

Research interests:

Dr Schneider’s current research interests involve optimising the quality use of medicines. As the Australian population increases in age, there is a growing need to optimise the medications of older persons, particularly those with dementia. Current research activities include:

The role of clinical pharmacy in the hospital setting
The use of hospital pharmacy prescribing records to screen for patients requiring therapeutic review
The effect of the pharmacy environment on consumer satisfaction
The use of pharmacy interns as change agents