Technology will never be able to replace the human element of care, but advancements that improve process efficiency within an aged care facility can result in staff having more time to be able to spend with their residents.

What does it really mean to deliver culturally safe care?

The nursing assessment of an individual in any healthcare setting should bring together a wide array of information that is used to make sound diagnoses and decisions on appropriate nursing and care interventions, and this should include cultural needs. Read More

Digital intervention to decimate depression for home care recipients

With more than one million Australians receiving in-home aged care, a lack of access to adequate and appropriate mental health treatments is a growing concern. Read More

Robotic pets give elderly residents a reason to smile

Aged care residents in Queensland are benefiting from the companionship of a new type of furry friend - life-like therapeutic robotic pets that provide plenty of love and no mess or stress. Read More

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