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Lifestyle Communities shares plummet 18% following ABC's shocking investigation uncovered unethical practices that included charging rent to deceased retirees in their retirement villages. Read More

Will Injectables For High Blood Pressure Put An End To Daily Pills?

One in two people who have been prescribed blood pressure tablets stop taking them in the first year. But in recent clinical trials, injectable treatments have reduced blood pressure for up to six months. Read More

Coles and b2care offer ready meals via Home Care Packages

b2care has partnered with Coles to offer you the world of choice when it comes to ordering from the Coles range of ready meals, under Home Care Packages plans. Read More

Touching Video: Deaf Grandfather’s Sign Language Brings Joy to Granddaughter

This touching video of a deaf grandfather using sign language to chat with his granddaughter will make your heart melt! 🥰👶 Watch how love transcends all barriers. Read More

Should The Government Subsidise Drugs Like Ozempic For Weight Loss?

You might have seen some startling before and after weight loss pictures accredited to Ozempic, but is it time to make this weight loss drug affordable to more than just those with diabetes? Read More


Wisdom Wednesday is about celebrating the experience and wisdom of our elders across the globe through storytelling. It's through these stories that we attempt to elevate their often unspoken worth and value of age unwittingly lost to peers and future generations. Do you have an elders story to share or are you an elder yourself that would like to be interviewed? Help us celebrate the lives of older Australians through Wisdom Wednesday, a weekly segment posted every Wednesday. Our older generation are by definition the most experienced members of our community, but as they age and transition into more passive, physically constrained roles in society, their importance often dwindles, particularly so as they enter long-term care.

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