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Dementia’s influence on people living with Down Syndrome is something we rarely talk about, but a candid conversation with Down Syndrome Australia’s Amelia Sloan and Dr Rebecca Kelly shed light on the ways to fix that. Read More

Government set to miss target of removing all younger people from aged care by 2025

In 2019, the Coalition government commited to a target that would see no people under the age of 65 living in residential aged care by 2025. With only six months to go, this is unlikley to happen. Read More

In aged care, all residents are equal… but some are more equal than others.

In aged care, there is a balancing act between providing the best possible care while maintaining financial viability. Tip the balance too far in either direction, and success is diminished. Read More

Does obesity really increase your risk of dementia?

Many dementia experts advise people to maintain a healthy weight to reduce their risk of dementia. But some studies suggest that obesity might actually protect against dementia. What does the science say? Read More

Sharpening the Mind: Top Brain Training Exercises for Seniors

Problem-solving games and memory exercises, including jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and sudoku, can be for more than just entertainment. Research has found they can provide lasting benefits, including reducing memory loss and improving cognitive function as you age. Read More


Wisdom Wednesday is about celebrating the experience and wisdom of our elders across the globe through storytelling. It's through these stories that we attempt to elevate their often unspoken worth and value of age unwittingly lost to peers and future generations. Do you have an elders story to share or are you an elder yourself that would like to be interviewed? Help us celebrate the lives of older Australians through Wisdom Wednesday, a weekly segment posted every Wednesday. Our older generation are by definition the most experienced members of our community, but as they age and transition into more passive, physically constrained roles in society, their importance often dwindles, particularly so as they enter long-term care.

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