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When an aged care worker witnessed colleagues failing to put on gloves, even when they were coming into contact with bodily fluids, she was deeply concerned. What is the correct usage of gloves when working in aged care? Read More

Aged care workers wanting a pay rise stage protest outside of facility

Staff who claim they are constantly working double shifts and unable to take meal breaks due to their workloads have decided to stage a protest in the hopes of securing a pay increase, leave entitlements and improved working conditions at their workplace. Read More
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How to adopt a care culture where residents are involved in a meaningful way

Ensuring a culture of care is about enabling staff, residents and families/loved ones to provide details ‘at the point of care’ to aid the timeliest accurate decision making. Read More

Eliminating excessive admin in aged care gives staff more time to spend with clients

Double handling of paperwork and excessive administration takes valuable care time away from those who need it. However, simplifying your care management can have a positive effect on staff retention and care outcomes. Read More

How to address employee churn in the disability and aged care industries

Caring for the elderly is a very rewarding job because it’s an opportunity to help improve their quality of life. However, speaking with one care organisation after another, there is a common theme – care worker churn. It’s a major pain point in the health care industry. So, how can we overcome this? Read More


Wisdom Wednesday is about celebrating the experience and wisdom of our elders across the globe through storytelling. It's through these stories that we attempt to elevate their often unspoken worth and value of age unwittingly lost to peers and future generations. Do you have an elders story to share or are you an elder yourself that would like to be interviewed? Help us celebrate the lives of our elders through Wisdom Wednesday, a weekly segment posted – ironically – every Wednesday. Our older generation are by definition the most experienced members of our community, but as they age and transition into more passive, physically constrained roles in society, their importance often dwindles, particularly so as they enter long-term care.

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