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The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) has demanded that the new Federal Government reverse a decision to scrap the COVID-19 leave disaster payment. Read More

Youths allegedly rob elderly woman after act of kindness

Police in Melbourne’s southeast are hoping to identify up to eight teenagers who allegedly robbed an 87-year-old woman in the suburb of Langwarrin last week. Read More
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Your story: “Do you feel vaccination has protected you against COVID?”

Protected, unafraid and confident to resume normal life are just some ways older Australian migrants felt about being vaccinated against COVID, according to interviews with members of the multicultural community. Read More

How your digital system can support organisational goals and achieve a sustainable business transformation

“Transformation is not just about technology. It’s about business and it’s about people”. Stacey Sincock has 20 years’ experience working in disability and aged care, so she knows better than most the problems and obstacles associated with delivering care. Now she supports care providers to digitally transform to ultimately improve their services for people living with a disability or in aged care. Read More

68% of Australian aged care residents are at risk of malnutrition – how do we fix it?

We know nutrition becomes increasingly important as we age, with older people requiring higher levels of vitamin D, vitamin B12, protein, fibre and calcium – and should be a priority for providers. But so should pleasure – an element of eating we often take for granted. Read More


Wisdom Wednesday is about celebrating the experience and wisdom of our elders across the globe through storytelling. It's through these stories that we attempt to elevate their often unspoken worth and value of age unwittingly lost to peers and future generations. Do you have an elders story to share or are you an elder yourself that would like to be interviewed? Help us celebrate the lives of our elders through Wisdom Wednesday, a weekly segment posted – ironically – every Wednesday. Our older generation are by definition the most experienced members of our community, but as they age and transition into more passive, physically constrained roles in society, their importance often dwindles, particularly so as they enter long-term care.

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