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Influenza virtually disappeared from Australia during the first years of the COVID-19 pandemic when public health restrictions reduced contact between people. Since 2022, it has returned to a seasonal pattern, although the flu season has started and peaked a few months earlier than before 2020. Read More

Woman allegedly left parents “unfed and unwashed while she spent their money”

A Sydney woman with power of attorney of her parent’s bank accounts was on holiday when authorities discovered the elderly couple soaked in their urine and without food. Read More

Rusty encourages everyone to ‘have a go’ while volunteering at Men’s Shed

A volunteer at a local aged care home is finding joy in empowering residents through the use of the home's Men's Shed program Read More

Wii Fit and other activities help clients to ‘Keep active with Parkinson’s’

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and for those who have received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, ongoing aerobic activities can assist with symptoms such as a decline in mobility, postural instability and cognitive decline. Read More

New training for PCA’s hopes to reduce hospital admissions for aged care residents

By empowering personal care workers to detect subtle changes in residents' behaviour or health status, the initiative hopes to stop minor issues from escalating into medical emergencies Read More


Wisdom Wednesday is about celebrating the experience and wisdom of our elders across the globe through storytelling. It's through these stories that we attempt to elevate their often unspoken worth and value of age unwittingly lost to peers and future generations. Do you have an elders story to share or are you an elder yourself that would like to be interviewed? Help us celebrate the lives of older Australians through Wisdom Wednesday, a weekly segment posted every Wednesday. Our older generation are by definition the most experienced members of our community, but as they age and transition into more passive, physically constrained roles in society, their importance often dwindles, particularly so as they enter long-term care.

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