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HelloCare grew from a clear need for quality content in the health and ageing sector that primarily put the consumer and aged care worker first.

It found a tone that could speak to the people, speak to those struggling through everyday challenges from ageing, moving into aged care or the isolating effects of dedicating their life to care for a loved one.

HelloCare’s content over the last two years has grown organically by listening to what the public wants.

All are important to bring about change, create transparency and bring topics to life that others in the sector may be afraid to discuss.

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Aged care residents falls on the rise

The number of aged care residents hospitalised due to falls has continued to rise in NSW, putting extra pressure on already stretched public hospitals and renewing calls for minimum staff to resident ratios in the aged care sector. A report released by the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) has revealed 94 per cent of aged care... Read More

Old stars shining in current must-see movies

Wearing my movie lover’s hat, I am delighted to report that – despite all that we read about Hollywood losing the plot over what makes a quality film – there are many producers who are still delivering the goods. And within just one week I’ve now seen four movies that I can highly recommend on... Read More

Have You Had It? Keeping Track Of Flu Vaccinations In Aged Care

  Aged care providers in Australia have done an outstanding job of preventing the spread of the coronavirus thus far, with many taking it upon themselves to tighten infection control protocols and mitigate risk by limiting visitors. Yet despite all their hard work combating this pandemic, the threat of an upcoming flu season looms as... Read More
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