Aug 31, 2022

Senior Perth swimmer notches her 101st record

Senior Perth swimmer on song as she notched her 101st record

92-year-old Perth woman Glad McGough has proved that age does not slow you down after setting another national record, this time in the 1500m freestyle.

It was nothing new for the humble Maida Vale Masters Swimming Club member, as Ms McGough has been setting records for years.

She has 101 state and national records to her name, and has come a long way from the sea baths in Albany where she taught herself to swim as a child.

Her local pool at Maida Vale was the record-setting scene, as Ms McGough backed up the 1500m freestyle record with other state records in the 200m, 400m and 800m freestyle.

She told ABC Drive it was a surprise to have so many people make a fuss about her success.

“I’ve been ahead of my age group all the way and I’ve set the records, particularly in butterfly.

“I really don’t want to sound like a smarty but I don’t have any problems swimming those distances simply because I graduated as a Level 2 coach which gives you the biomechanics of the stroke and it teaches you how to swim with efficiency and use of energy.”

The successful Masters swim meet capped off a remarkable comeback for Ms McGough after spending 12 months out of the pool due to a leg infection.

Thankfully the passionate swimmer bounced back and went straight into the deep end at the 2022 Act Belong Commit Long Course State Championships in April.

“Watching the swimmers recently was a coach’s dream,” she said.

“They were so perfect in their technique and watching the butterfly was a dream. 

“It breaks my heart when I see someone struggling in butterfly and it’s so easy to do if you know the correct way to do it.”

Now with 101 national and state swimming records under her belt, Ms McGough does not plan to retire any time soon.

“I tie myself to a tether and I count my strokes so I know how far I’ve gone,” Ms McGough said.

“I’ll use the tether and that gives me flexibility of stroke and builds stamina.

“I can go for an hour without stopping.”

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