Oct 27, 2020

89 year old Bendigo man missing since Sunday evening

Concerns for missing 89 year old Herbert McRorie are mounting since he was last seen in town in Bendigo at around 5:45pm Sunday evening.

Last seen wearing a blue and white flannelette shirt, dark grey track pants and beige shoes, the older man is known to often be in Geelong, with police asking that people keep an eye out for him. 

Believed to be driving a silver 2004 Ford Fairmont sedan with number plate STJ-755, Mr McRorie is described as a Caucasian man with grey hair, a receding hairline, medium build and brown eyes. 

As his whereabouts remain currently unknown, anyone who spots the 89 year old are requested to call Bendigo Police Station on 5448 1300.  

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