Aug 17, 2017

Aged Care Celebrating Nationalities From Around The World

Braemar Presbyterian Care celebrates the cultural diversity of residents living at each of its three Aged Care facilities on a daily basis. This celebration was front and centre of the Braemar Cooinda events calendar in the past month; with a series of international events and activities hosted at the Willagee facility.

Celebrations included an international gathering, which saw residents and staff embrace the various nationalities present within the facility.

Staff wore national garments, representing various countries, including traditional dress from the Philippines, Korea, China and India, while Q&A and quiz sessions were conducted with residents to educate them on various national cultures.

The 106 bed facility also hosted an ‘Around the World’ theme day with a Dutch Choir performing for residents. Dutch food as well as meals from various international countries were served thanks to Braemar’s food services provider, Cater Care.


Braemar CEO Wayne Belcher said that recognition of cultural and linguistic diversity played a key role in resident wellbeing.

“It’s well known that as people age, memories from their country of birth can get stronger and more important to them. Some residents, such as those with dementia, will find talking in their first language easier than English, while others will want to reminisce and recall their youth,” Mr. Belcher commented.

“As part of our relationship centred approach, we take these needs very seriously. While cultural and linguistic diversity is an important part of everyday life at Braemar, I am proud of the team at Cooinda for including these special events into the facility’s calendar, as it brings the residents together as a group and allows them to share in an enriching and educational activity that gives back to both the individual and the group as a whole.”

Other events recently hosted at Braemar Cooinda include NAIDOC week celebration, a Chinese day and a meals and food education day.

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