Nov 10, 2023

Aged care resident, knitting novice wins big at local show

Sanda is looking forward to seeing her creations on Christmas trees and around the home. [Source: Supplied]

Riddell Gardens aged care resident Sandra is giving hope to other amateur knitters after winning big at the local Sunbury show.

Sandra, 78, whose detailed miniature doll creations earned six prizes at the show, said it’s all about choosing what you enjoy making and sticking to the pattern.

“I could never knit a jumper to save my life, I would have one sleeve longer than the other, but I could knit dolls and knitted them perfectly,” she said.

Sandra used to knit larger dolls and when she lived in St Lawrence in Queensland, a friend suggested she enter her dolls into the local show.

“I didn’t think I would win anything but entered them in any way and I won first prize,” she explained. 

Sandra’s dolls and their winning ribbons at the Sunbury show last month. [Source: Supplied]

History repeated itself when a Riddell Gardens team member suggested she enter the Sunbury show.

She said, “I got a big surprise after I entered – they are only little things so I didn’t expect to win anything! People do some beautiful knitting and I’m just an ordinary amateur.”

Employees of the facility have since taken Sandra’s dolls and put them on display at the entrance of the home so everyone can see them.

Sandra is now working hard to meet new orders and looks forward to seeing her creations on Christmas trees around the home and elsewhere.

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