Nov 24, 2018

All Things Technology In Aged Care, From Food Quality, IOT and Social Connectedness

Modern technology can be daunting for some elderly people. Are we potentially leaving those older people behind that can’t access the interweb? Hear from Peter Williams, CEO, Centre of the Edge, Deloitte #ITAC2018

Forgetting appointments and contacts is often an early symptom for people with dementia. What research is being done to help people remember their daily activities? Hear from Professor Anthony Maeder, Flinders Digital Health, Flinders University #ITAC2018

Food quality is often one of the most talked about topics in aged care and can be a cause for many complaints. Hear from Nava from SoupedUp Solutions Pty Ltd about how technology is can bring great choice and dignity back to residents. #ITAC2018

Vital Call are using nano technology (&grandpa too) as a replacement for floor mats which are apparently becoming outdated now as they potential can be more of a trip hazard… It was great to hear from the Vital Care Team.

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