Azy crowned an Aged Care Angel: “Seeing the residents’ smiles just makes me happy”

Azy Aged Care Angel
Out of 500 nominations, Azy Inada was crowned an 'Aged Care Angel' as part of SPC and HelloCare’s Aged Care Angels 2021 Awards.

She joined the community when the aged care residence first opened in 2009 and Azy shares with us a memorable moment that made an impact on her.

“When I first started working at Arcare, I was pregnant. I appreciated the fact that Arcare hired me and my team actually cared about me and my pregnancy – this includes management, care staff and residents.

“I had only worked three months before giving birth, but they organised a surprise baby shower for me. I didn’t have any family in Australia, except for my husband at that time, so we were really moved. I feel very appreciated and I’m very impressed by how Arcare has supported me,” shared Azy.

To Azy, being part of the lives of the Arcare North Lakes’ residents is a privilege.

“I talk to the residents, we sing, dance, and laugh together; seeing their smiles just makes me happy,”

Azy was recently recognised by the wider community for her dedication and Relationship-First Approach to the residents.

Out of 500 nominations, Azy was crowned an ‘Aged Care Angel’ as part of SPC and HelloCare’s Aged Care Angels 2021 Awards.

Arcare is thrilled to have 5-star team members exceeding expectations in the aged care sector and we would like to express a big congratulations to Azy!

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