Dec 05, 2017

The Care Home Bell

Why do you not hear it?

When I ring my bell?

Why do I ring it several times?

Please do come and tell,

I may be old and frail,

My hearing not so good,

But you are so much stronger,

With YOUTH rushing through your blood,

When I lived at home,

If the doorbell went,

I always answered it with a smile,

No matter whom they sent

And when I want the bathroom,

It’s my bell that you don’t hear,

To have an awful accident

Is my biggest fear,

Or when I’m really thirsty,

My throat and mouth so dry,

Why do you not hear my bell?

It makes me want to cry,

Why don’t you sit where I sit,

If only for a day

Then I can ignore YOU,

When I pass yYOUR way,

A nod, a smile, a wink,

Or the question “how are you?

Would really cheer me up,

As I am sure it would you too,

You see I may be old and frail,

And my dementia makes me wander,

But it doesn’t mean I don’t eat and drink,

And dream of pastures yonder,

Sometimes I feel so lonely,

Sometimes I feel so down,

I really feel much better,

When you come around,

So when you hear my bell,

Ringing in your ears,

Come and ask “What’s UP?

And allay my fears

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