Mar 16, 2020

Coronavirus Senior Stimulus: When Will You Get Your $750?

Last week, the Australian government announced a $17.6 billion coronavirus stimulus package that was designed to soften the blow of a recession that is likely headed our way.

It is believed that over 6.5 million Australians who currently receive benefits will get their hands on the $750 cash handout, and the good news is that they will not have to wait very long to receive it.

These one-off payments will be paid out from March 3, and according to Government Services Minister Stuart Robert, those who are eligible will not have to do anything to claim it.

“I want to remind everyone who may be eligible for the one-off payment and have existing bank account details with Services Australia that they do not have to do anything – Services Australia will process the payment after 31 March,” he confirmed.

Estimates predict that a total of 3.6 million pensioners will receive the payment, as well as 1.1 million on Youth Allowance and Newstart and 1.5 million other Australians including veterans and those on payments such as the Farm Household Allowance and Family Tax Benefit.



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  1. I haven’t heard of anything in Canada like that.When the government gets their vote,they don’t think of the seniors again until they need votes again.It seems a little shallow,but we have shallow politicians in Canada.Just like the has to endure their Trump Government,we have have to do a repeat of shallow Liberal Government.His father was in from 1968 and we now have Justin.Nothing has changed.

  2. Just wondering Why you repost information that is out of date like this?
    It lead me to believe that aged pensioners were to receive another bonus payment
    But I checked date of article and it was March 2020 eighteen months ago.

    1. Hi Julie, other recommended HelloCare stories appear at the end of our articles – and are automatically generated in our publishing program. Perhaps this was one of those instances? Kindest, The HelloCare Team


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