Jul 05, 2023

Could your pay rise be impacted? Your burning questions answered

The aged care pay rise has left lingering questions for many workers in the sector. [Source: Shutterstock]

Roughly 250,000 aged care workers received a major pay boost last weekend as the 15% pay rise took effect from June 30. It’s a well-deserved win for workers who have given their all while often being paid less than they deserve.

Sadly, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for some aged care workers as questions still linger over how the new wages will be paid, and when they will be paid. 

HelloCare has already answered some big questions regarding the 15% pay rise, including who will receive it and how much of an increase you should expect. But we’re here to keep up the conversation and help our aged care workers still looking for answers. 

What happens if you’re already on an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement?

All Government approved aged care providers will receive the required funding through the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) price, which has increased by 17.6%.

Regardless of existing EBAs, the United Workers Union has also provided reassurance that most major providers are ready and willing to pass on the full wage increase – including additional increases resulting from the higher national minimum wage.

“The guidance from the Federal Government makes it very clear that the union-won 15% work value pay correction above award level is expected to be passed on in full. To date to the best of our knowledge many major providers have acknowledged their responsibility to pass on this increment in full, which we welcome,” Carolyn Smith, Aged Care Director at United Workers Union said.

“It makes sense that all providers are expected to pass on this historic wage increase, which is being fully funded by the Federal Government. The payment must be paid in full to recognise the work of aged care workers, who have been historically underpaid and undervalued, otherwise, the full intent of the work value ruling will not be honoured.”

However, some workers may not see a 15% increase in their existing wage if it’s already above the award rate. The 15% increase relates to the award rate wage and any increase is likely linked to the minimum award rate and not the higher pay rate of your existing EBA.

When should you receive your new wages?

The 15% increase to minimum award pay rates will take effect from your first full pay period on or after June 30, 2023. Therefore, your new wage is dependent on your current pay cycle. For example, some staff may find they already have a higher hourly rate if their previous pay cycle ended on June 30. 

But staff who have a pay cycle that started before June 30 will have to wait until it concludes, with the next cycle to have higher hourly rates. This means some aged care workers may be waiting for several weeks until they receive a payslip with a 15% boost.

What happens if your employer hasn’t notified you about a wage increase?

If your employer has not told you they’re passing on the 15% wage increase, it’s important to raise your concerns internally with management. Additionally, if you’re unsure as to whether you’re eligible for the 15% pay increase or you do not receive the correct pay in your next full pay period payslip, talk to your manager in the first instance.

Any concerns that are not addressed by management can and should be raised with your union or the Fair Work Commission as Ms Smith said there is a clear responsibility on all aged care providers to pass on the 15% increase above award level to all eligible aged care workers.

“United Workers Union has been offering its members a pay calculator that assesses the hourly rate of aged care workers based on information they have provided, calculating both the 5.75% union-won award-based pay rise and the 15% union-won pay correction,” Ms Smith said.

“Workers who believe they have not been paid correctly are encouraged in the first instance to raise the issue with their employer but if there is not a satisfactory response, United Workers Union will be offering channels for members to have any underpayments addressed.

“United Workers Union will be making sure providers, who were less than satisfactory in passing on pandemic bonuses to hard-working aged care members, live up to their full legal and moral obligations.”

You can also find relevant information regarding pay rates via the Fair Work Commission’s website

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the 15% wage increase, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hi I work for HammondCare at Hammondville, how can I join the United Workers Union?
    Or does HammondCare have their own separate union please.

  2. There still has been no agreement from the Commonwealth to fund the 5.75% increase at all. Additionally the total potential increase in salaries and wages be it 10% or 20.75% will dramatically increase the premiums for workers compensation insurance at a time when one of the major players, Catholic Church Insurances, ceased to trade as of the 30th June. The funding is also allegedly supposed to be sufficient to fund the change in the leave liability that providers have for staff annual, long service and personal leave.
    I would suggest that at the minute it is a little early to be celebrating all of this as a fait accompli for all parties. And, yes we will pass on all of the funding received to staff, who are employed under an EBA and who are currently are paid up to 42% above the Award.

  3. Why is it that only a certain sector of aged care workers were awarded this rise. Without the forgotten workers such as laundry cleaners and kitchen staff the caters would not survive. So please explain why these workers are always kicked to the kerb because carers alone do not do everything in a nursing home. I work in one of the largest aged care facilities and this is the second time the government has ignored theOTHER workers. The first being during Covid even though we all worked but again only the carers were rewarded

  4. Hi
    I’m wondering will Food Service Assistance and Environmental staff be getting the pay rise too or is it only for care staff?

  5. I am employed as a Quality Coordinator at an aged care facility, the job criteria for this position was to be a registered nurse. I am wondering why this role does not qualify for the recent pay rise.


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