May 29, 2020

COVID-19 Proof your aged care home & retirement village

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Manually checking the temperatures 🤒of visitors and aged care workers can be time consuming and it also has the potential for errors.

Check out this new technology that quickly and accurately monitors body temperature before a person enters an aged care home.

The technology syncs with doors and anyone with a fever is prevented from entering. It also uses facial recognition to monitor for flu vaccinations or COVID-19 questionnaires.

We think it’s pretty cool! đź‘Ź

Measure safely any visitor rapidly within <.2 of a second
Accurate within +-.3 of a degree
Store data locally or subscribe to cloud services
Easily integrate with 3rd party access control systems

Stand Alone Terminal with Tripod $2800 inc GST
Shipping $55 inc GST
(Ready to plug and play including your logo on screen)

Temperature Check Station Stand $495 inc GST
Wall Mount Box $49.50 inc GST

To find out more email [email protected]
Or visit 

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  1. This article is nothing more than an advertisement for a piece of equipment we cannot afford. Where is the cost-benefit-analysis. ‘Cool’ does not cut it with me!

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