Early learning centre embedded in retirement village for ultimate intergenerational experience

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Retirement village resident Jeannette Porritt with Montessori director Tina Yiannicou and young students. [Source: The Advertiser]

This Adelaide childcare centre is built inside a retirement village, creating a real-life version of the hit show Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds!

As a partnership between not-for-profit aged care provider, ECH and SA Montessori, Echoes Montessori Early Learning Centre is believed to be the only one of its kind in Australia, purposefully built as an “intergenerational village” inside the ECH retirement facility.

Barbara Langford and her daughter Jessica operate the learning facility and said since it’s establishment in early 2022, the benefits have been huge.

“Things are happening every day […] children will daily wave and call out to residents on their balconies or meet them in the garden,” Ms Langford told The Advertiser.

Watch more about the intergenerational initiative!

Echoes Montessori is partnering with Torrens University on a research project to investigate how the concept could be broadened and incorporated in future community planning.

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