Jun 16, 2023

Elderly woman attacked metres from her home, left with severed fingers

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Jan, 73, was stabbed in a random attack just metres from her home. [Source: A Current Affair]

An older woman who was stabbed in an allegedly unprovoked attack on a South Geelong street last week was only about 150m from her home when the man struck her.

On the night of June 6, 73-year-old Jan, was walking home alone after visiting her 93-year-old mother, on Mundy Street when she was allegedly stabbed by 32-year-old Jordan Powell from behind in an unprovoked attack.

Unaware she had been stabbed, Jan said she noticed her injuries after seeing blood at her feet and was fearful he had caused damage to her vital organs. Some of her fingers were seriously damaged in the incident and one was at risk of being amputated.  

“I had a purse on me. He didn’t take that, didn’t take the bag… There’s nothing to be gained from doing that.”

It was only after Mr Powell fled the scene that she realised she had been injured. Jan alleges that she knocked on a stranger’s door for help and was then taken to Geelong Hospital for emergency surgery where surgeons saved one of her fingers. 

Mr Powell, of no fixed address, was found by Geelong Crime Investigation Unit detectives at the Colonial Lodge Motel on Fyans Street, one kilometre from the scene, and was charged with intentionally causing serious injury. 

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Police searching for the weapon Mr Powell used to stab Jan the day after the incident. [Source: 9News]

He fronted Geelong Magistrates Court the following day, June 7, and appeared to be agitated but did not make an application for bail.

Magistrate Ann McGarvie said the incident was very serious and told Mr Powell there was a very low chance his bail application would be successful if he made one.

“It is only pure luck perhaps regarding the direction of the knife into her body that she hasn’t died,” Ms McGarvie said in court. *pullout*

“Police are of the view that you (Powell) are the attacker and are conducting ongoing investigations to confirm that, so they can prove that it was you.”

Mr Powell will remain in custody until the matter is approached in court in the upcoming months. 

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