Oct 16, 2023

Filipino carer dies caring for her older client in Israel

Angelyn Aguirre, 32, died with her 70-year-old client while hiding in a bomb shelter in Gaza. [Image: X (Twitter)]

A carer from the Philippines is one of the latest casualties in the Israel – Palestine war who died caring for her older patient. 

Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan Nahoum paid tribute to 32-year-old Filipino nurse Angelyn Aguirre who chose to stay with her 70-year-old client when Hamas gunmen attacked a bomb shelter in Israel, according to the Philippines Embassy in Israel.

“[Angelyn] was a nurse from the Philippines who was caring for her elderly patient, Nira on Kibbutz Kfar Gaza,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Angelyn was one of the approximately 30,000 Filipinos living and working in Israel. [Source: GMA Network]

Angelyn’s mother Erlinda, told GMA Network that her last conversation with her daughter was on October 6 where she expressed concerns about the ongoing battle and ran to the bomb shelter during the airstrikes.

On October 9, her sister Angenica, who also lived and worked in Israel, confirmed Angelyn had died.

In a Facebook post, Angenica wrote, “You are always in my heart my dearest sister Angelyn. I love you very much,” and in another post explained her inability to respond to everyone reaching out to her as her family grieves.

According to GMA Network, the municipality, capitol and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration are already in coordination with Angelyn’s family to provide necessary assistance.

Angelyn had worked in Israel for six years and got married last September. She is survived by her husband, parents and seven siblings, The Philippine Star reported.

On Thursday, the President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jnr, spoke to the victim’s family and vowed to support them.

About 30,000 Filipinos live and work in the country – about 137 of those are in Gaza – many as carers, according to the Philippines’ foreign ministry. Many go to other countries to fill job shortages to support their families by sending their earnings back home.

Jeremiah Supan, another carer in Israel, said in a telephone interview with Associated Press that he made it clear to Philippines officials that he did not want to return home as he needed to continue earning money to support his family and keep his son in school.

“The rocket firings continue,” he said. 

It’s been almost a fortnight since the Palestine militant group Hamas struck Israel with a barrage of air, sea, and ground rockets.

Israel’s retaliation cut off electricity and water in Gaza, and warned 1.1 million people living in northern Gaza to evacuate their homes despite blockades being put up around the strip. Last week, Gaza’s only power station stopped working after the fuel needed for generating electricity ran out, Gaza officials said.

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