Jun 20, 2023

Lady Primrose Potter crashes into river, climbs embankment to safety

Lady Primrose Potter has been an active supporter of the Australian arts sector over several decades. [Source: Twitter]

Police were “shocked” to find 92-year-old Lady Primrose Potter had helped herself up the Yarra River embankment after she veered into the water. 

After clipping Paul Cavaiulo’s Holden Commodore on Melbourne’s Alexandra Avenue on Sunday night, the philanthropist and widow of legendary Australian businessman, Sir Ian Potter, swerved into the river. 

Despite her age, she was able to open the car door and make her way out of the knee-deep water with Mr Cavaiulo’s assistance.

“She just couldn’t pull herself up the bank so I just kind of dragged her up,” he told 9News.

“She was a bit shaken up as well.”


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Primrose’s car after veering into the Yarra River. [Source: 9News]

A police spokeswoman told the Herald Sun the officers who attended the scene were “shocked when they found the elderly driver was able to make her way up the incline”. 

Primrose was taken to The Alfred Hospital for observation and treatment for minor injuries.

It is understood she was fine immediately following the incident and is expected to undergo a licence review.

Police are continuing with their investigation of the incident.

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  1. Do the police do a license review for everyone involved in an accident?

    I have driven along Alexandra Ave quite often and the GPS tell you to “turn left now” at a small extension of Alexandra Avenue and NOT at the lights at the end of Williams road.


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