Aug 11, 2017

The “Little Things” That Make Aged Care Food Better

In May and June this year, our team embarked on a Lantern Aged Care Food Safari at 8 identified innovative aged care organisations (Feroscare Residential, NoosaCare, HammondCare, Salvation Army, Feroscare Community, RSL Care, Arcare, Crowley) in Australia with the purpose to immerse within their food culture and walk in the shoes of the staff. Food safari teams were tasked to identify, document and further explore the impact of one novel idea identified at each site (one “little thing”) with the purpose to mobile capture the innovation, create a simple clip for each via The Lantern Project, to inspire all aged care homes to have a go at trying new ideas.

The reason behind the project? Factors affecting the dining experience in aged care homes are complex and the constraints are many (the paper we just released is just one of these constraints facing aged care catering staff). Within this complex environment, the ability to innovate revolves around a culture that encourages staff to trial small novel ideas and gauge impact. While some of the ideas seem ultra simplistic, we can assure you, the impact they’ve had is far more than that. 

We will be releasing the rest of the series via The Lantern Project Facebook page. 

So visit us there to check out the earlier videos and stay tuned for more to come over the next fortnight.

Thanks to the Bond University Nutrition and Dietetic Students for joining us on the safari and the organisations opening their doors to be part of the project! We hope you enjoy the videos as much as we enjoyed the experience.

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