Dec 07, 2021

Melbourne grandad with Alzheimer’s missing for 5 days found safe and well

Melbourne grandad with Alzheimer’s missing for 5 days found safe and well

 7News reports today that he has been located safe and well, an immense relief for his worried family and those around Australia tracking the search. 

Initial reports spoke of an elderly man whose whereabouts were unknown after going missing near his Melbourne residence some days prior. Further inquiry showed even greater concern for the man. 

Jose Fernandez, who likes to be called Joe, had not been seen since 2:30pm Thursday, December 2. It is believed he had wandered away from his residence near Docker street in Richmond. 

Joe, who is 83-years-old, has been living with Alzeimer’s disease and dementia. Speaking about the disappearance, his family commented that it was a “real concern”.

Continuing he expressed that he had last seen his father on Wednesday.

“We had lunch together. I popped in and spent a couple of hours with him and made us both a hot meal,” he noted.

“He was in good spirits”.

Upon hearing that their family member was missing, the family sprang into action, searching across the local spots he was fond of visiting, including Brighton Beach where his wife’s ashes were scattered in 2013. 

His son said, “He loves going to Brighton Beach, so we thought of that.”

Searching further, the family described Fernandez’ fondness for Swan and Church streets in Richmond, Chapel Street in Prahran and the Preston area. A large area within which their vulnerable loved one could be lost. 

His son conveyed, “Our concern is he could have potentially got on the wrong train and ended up somewhere. So it’s anyone guess.” 

Speaking about his dad’s character, his son commented he is a “likeable and generous character” and is always trying to assist people.

Over the course of the five days missing, there were sightings and hope but no confirmation. A neighbour believed he might have seen Fernandez on Friday evening but this was not able to be verified. 

Saturday night saw Fernandez reported missing by his son, after he was not home at his residence for a planned catch up. 

Found only hours prior, the family is now overjoyed at their loved one being found.

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