Jan 18, 2024

Older couple admit road rage was the reason for keying luxury cars

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The offending couple made a quick exit from court on Tuesday to avoid media attention. [Source: NCA News Wire]

An older Brisbane couple has admitted they keyed two luxury cars as an act of frustration and revenge, apologising in court for their actions which were caught on camera.

Raymond and Barbara Edwards, both 70, were captured on video keying a BMW and Tesla at Brookside Shopping Centre in Mitchelton in October last year and were charged with wilful damage. The video came from cameras built into the damaged Tesla. 

Appearing in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday, the couple pleaded guilty to their charge but their defence lawyer, Bruce Peters, said his clients apologise for their actions which were allegedly a result of the luxury cars cutting them off about 800 metres from the shopping centre which, “almost forced them into a power pole.” 

“Once they regained their composure, they continued onto the Brookside Shopping Centre and lo and behold, the two cars that they thought were the ones that cut them off – a white BMW and a white Tesla – were parked adjacent to one another,” Mr Peters said.

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Screenshots taken from the video of the offence. [Source: NCA News Wire]

Police prosecutor Sergeant Josh Kelly said officers had received quotes for the damage to each vehicle, amounting to over $4,000 in total, and requested the couple pay the repair costs despite the possibility the car owners might have had insurance.

“The community at large suffers if we rely on the insurance to cover expenses,” he said.

The couple were each given a $500 good behaviour bond for 12 months.

No convictions were recorded and the couple made a quick exit from the court to avoid any media attention. 

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