Jun 06, 2022

Parents of a woman who cared for her grandfather want to take her inheritance

Parents of a woman who cared for her grandfather want to take her inheritance

A woman who took her grandfather into her home and cared for him after her parents threatened to put him in a nursing home has revealed that her parents now want the house that the grandfather left to her in his will.

The story was recently posted on a Reddit forum where members of the public turn to the internet for advice.

In the post, a 27-year-old female asked readers whether she was in the wrong for wanting to keep the house or whether she should give the house to her parents, who expected that they would receive the home as part of her late grandfather’s will.

The woman revealed that she grew up in a very strict religious household and that she developed closer bonds with her grandparents than she did with her actual parents.

Her grandparents had a very beautiful home and her grandfather, who had a severe back condition, began to deteriorate rapidly after his beloved wife died. However, he refused in-home care because he ‘refused to have a stranger in his home’.

Due to her parent’s extreme religious beliefs, the granddaughter claims that they refused to provide care for her grandfather, as they believed that his back condition was punishment for his sins, and they threatened to put him in a nursing home against his wishes.

“In the time I took care of him, we filled the home with the [same] love and laughter my grandmother brought to [my grandparent’s home],” she wrote in the post.

As her grandfather’s condition progressed, the granddaughter revealed that she did not receive a single call from her father, mother or brother regarding the wellbeing of the elderly man.

The grandfather also said that he should give his house to the granddaughter when he passed away, but she assumed that he was joking.

Sadly, the grandfather did pass away and the granddaughter informed the family of the death and reconnected with family members for the first time in years at the funeral.

To her surprise, the grandfather did leave his house to her in his will. The house, according to her father, was supposed to be for him so he could pass it down to his son.

The granddaughter revealed that her brother came to her house in tears ‘begging to give him the house because his house is too small for his wife and baby’.

“He argued that because it’s just me and my husband and we don’t want kids, I don’t need it,” she wrote.

The granddaughter now feels guilty about owning her grandparent’s home and admits that she does have a well-paying job and she could just move somewhere else, but knows that her grandfather would not want her brother or father to have the home.

After hearing the story above, we ask our readers what advice would you give the 27-year-old woman in the story above?

Should she keep the house? Or should she give in to family pressure to keep the peace?

Give us your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. No keep the house you deserve it the parents are greedy you cared for your grandfather when they didn’t care about him at all only after what they can get after he is gone

  2. You deserve the house on merit your grandfathers wish should be respected by the family and no way should you hand the house over to anyone but yourself. You deserve it as you respected his wishes by not being put into a home. Do not feel guilty and don’t sell the house it will surely bring bad luck to those that try to take it from you…
    Thank you for the care and love you gave him in his last years…

  3. She should keep it, its what the Grandfather wanted, the family didn’t give a rats about him or even visit they seem to only want his possessions and they are just plain greedy do not give in to them its yours for a reason

  4. She should definitely keep the house. She made happy times with her grandfather with the time he had and none of her family contacted her to check in his health or anything. Keep the house and live a good life with your husband.

  5. Do not give in to their bullying .He wanted you to have the house and you earned it with your love and compassion apart from the work to care for someone.

    Good luck and avoid them at all cost they do not deserve you but your husband does.

  6. She should not feel guilty. She should feel ashamed of her parents and brother, as her grandfather did. She did all the work to aid her grandfather. It doesn’t matter what other’s think. Grandpa thought she was the only one worthy of his home.

  7. Your parents , brother and his family wanted to put grandad in a home against his wishes , you did the right thing taking grandad in and looking after him in his declining years , you don’t say if they visited him in that time, your grandad left YOU the house because he didn’t want your parents and brother to have what he worked for his whole life , for them to want to put him in a nursing home and take his house , he wanted you to have it for a reason don’t let your grandfather down by giving it to them he loved you for looking after him and all the happy memories he takes with him so DON’T let him down , even if your family doesn’t have anything to do with you , don’t let it bother you , if necessary take out a restraining order against them if they start bothering you or stalking you . Good luck .

  8. You gave your Grandfather the love and care he needed in life, your brother and parents couldn’t take the time to even ask how he was, let alone offer to help you care for him. Your Grandfather didn’t want them to have his home, he wanted you to have it as he knew you would look after it as you did him. You deserve to keep his home, don’t be bullied or manipulated into giving it to your parents or brother. Even extreme religious beliefs should know God’s word says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They couldn’t give your Grandfather the time and care while he was alive they deserve nothing after his death.

  9. Am 100% agree to comments here she should keep it, and don’t have to felt guilty at all, her grandfather give it to her by love. Should her parent restric to the religious if grandfather is sinner everything he own is sin too.

  10. you keep that house, he wanted you to have it. your family members did nothing to help him when he needed help.he wanted u to have it that was his wish you must fulfill it.

  11. The house was your grandfather’s do whatever he wanted to do with, not what some gold digging relatives wanted him to do with it. So, enjoy your inheritance and don’t succumb to the pressure from your family. They sound horrible and you are probably better off away from them anyway.

  12. She has legally inherited the house. It’s hers.
    Brothers choice of small home or kids is his choice. Its not her problem
    Brother lives with choices, can always make another choice.
    As for parents they have their home.
    Don’t give in to greed or so called cultural persuasion or emotional blackmail if that’s what it is.
    Stay in home and enjoy it. It’s legally hers.

  13. Please please you keep the house. That was your grandfather’s wish. Do not give to your parents or brother. I guarantee if you give to them they will cut off ties to you. It is yours with great love from grandfather.

  14. Your grandfather wanted you to have it so you should keep it .we are we leaving ours to ours that we have raised.

  15. You did something that your mother and father failed to do. Your grandpa left you something precious and valuable, because you supported and gave him the love on his final days. Never feel guilty or sorry because your family was not able support are help you while he was alive. The house is yours enjoy it and be blessed.

  16. Your grandfather left it to you. It was his decision, and his to make. Now the home is yours, enjoy. If you love it like he did, he couldn’t have been happier.


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