Mar 26, 2018

Have You Seen This Woman? Aged Care Worker Missing

Aged care worker, Roberta Ives, has been missing since late February after she was evicted from her home.

The 57-year-old was last seen walking along Kilburn Crescent about 8.55am on 26 February.

Roberta lived alone in her beachside home. Her family and friends have not heard from her in the last month.

Roberta does not have any personal belongings with her and was last seen wearing a light-coloured blouse, grey slacks and open shoes.

“No car keys, no wallet, no purse, no phone,”  Senior Constable Nick Carlson told Seven News.

Two days after she was reported missing, she was seen at a local picnic area.

“She was spoken to and didn’t respond to the neighbour and walked off,” Senior Constable Carlson said.

Roberta Ives_0

Late last week SES volunteers joined police as they search around the coastal, bushland and beach areas of Corinella.

Police and family members hold concerns for her welfare as she has a medical condition. She had been evicted from her rental property after she was unable to make payments.

They fear she may be sleeping rough after she was spotted in a daze at a park two days after her disappearance. Or, alternatively, she took public transport out of the area.

It was her friend Robyn Smith with informed the authorities that Roberta was missing.

“I actually called the police to break in and see if she was in there”

“There’s always a bed at my place. You can always come and stay with me and sort this out,” she said.

Police have released an image in the hope someone recognises Roberta and can provide details on her whereabouts.

Anyone who sees Roberta or has information on her current whereabouts is urged to contact Cowes Police Station on 5952 2037 or Wonthaggi Police Station on 5671 4100.

Police are continuing their search for the Corinella woman.

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