Dec 03, 2020

Senior rescue dogs dressed as older people in bid to find their ‘forever home’

All dogs want love, especially the older ones. But it’s the older ones that are more likely to be overlooked in rescue facilities and adoption centres. 

That’s why one rescue and adoption centre in Florida has decided to do dress up photoshoots for their older pups to help them get adopted. Flagler Humane Society in Palm Coast, Florida has been running a senior pup promotion with the cutest models you’ll ever see, to help some of their older dogs find their forever homes. 

The photos, which have been posted to their Instagram account, feature the older dogs dressed in glasses, hats, jumpers and sometimes wigs, to make them look like the little old ladies and men that they are.

Posted along with short bios about each featured pup, the results are some of the sweetest old folks you’ll ever meet. 

As part of their ‘Adopt a Senior Pet Month’, the photos are among their most liked on their profile, and have helped drum up attention for older dogs looking for love. According to the shelter, of all the featured older guys and gals, only three are still looking for their perfect family. 

Check out some of our favourite pups below

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