Aug 27, 2021

“Thank you for doing what you do”: Emergency nurse reveals confronting effect of 12-hour night shift

“Thank you for doing what you do”: Emergency nurse reveals confronting effect of 12-hour night shift

A New South Wales emergency nurse has posted confronting footage on TikTok showing the pressure areas she develops on her face after wearing personal protective equipment for her 12-hour work shift.

The nurse, identified as ‘Nurse Katie’, filmed herself before and after her shift, showing the dramatic effects of wearing an N95 face mask for 12 hours straight.

She labelled the video a ‘night shift makeover’.

Katie usually specialises in cosmetic injectables, but is currently working in a paediatric emergency department.

At the end of the shift, Katie has deep imprints on both cheeks and irritation across the bridge of her nose from the suction of her face shield.

In the video, the nurse also explains what it’s like to wear PPE all day, and has a strong message for protestors calling for greater freedoms in outbreak areas.

nurse pressure injury mask

She explained the practical difficulties of having to wear PPE all day.

“I will have a headache from dehydration because we don’t have easy access to water,” she shared.

“To go to the toilet we have to be taking off all of our gear, throwing it away, cleaning up, and then going to the bathroom.”

Kate said protesters demanding ‘freedom’ are actually putting others at risk.

“You talk about your freedom, but you are putting everyone else’s freedom at risk. Wearing PPE is not about freedom, it’s about infection control.

The video has been viewed more than 117,000 times and hundreds have left comments.

“Thank you for doing what you do,” wrote one viewer.

“Thank you for all that you do sincerely, a NSW resident,” wrote another.

Other supporters shared their gratitude, too.

“Thank you for your service and sacrifice to keep us safe.”

“Wow looks [like] you have been to war! Thank you for your service.”

In NSW, there are 708 people with COVID-19 in hospital, including 127 in intensive care.

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