May 02, 2024

Three Generations of Care: A Celebration of Motherhood in Aged Care

Three Generations of Care: A Celebration of Motherhood in Aged Care
Kerri Godden, Cassandra Godden and Joy Lucas. [Supplied].

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s a time to celebrate the bonds between mothers, daughters, and granddaughters—a sentiment beautifully epitomised by the heartwarming story unfolding at Anglicare Southern Queensland.

For Kerri Godden, Operations Support Coordinator for all Anglicare Residential Aged Care homes, her journey at Anglicare spans an impressive 38 years.

But what makes her story truly special is the intergenerational connection that resonates within the organisation. Kerri’s daughter, Cassandra Godden, serves as the Workforce Planner at St Martin’s, while Kerri’s mother, Joy Lucas, resides at Symes Grove Residential Aged Care home, just down the road.

Reflecting on her mother’s influence, Kerri shares, “Mum was always supportive… Her support has continued as we’ve become adults with children of our own.” For Kerri, working in aged care was a natural progression, fueled by her genuine affinity for the older generation.

Over the years, Kerri has witnessed significant transformations at St Martin’s, including refurbishments and extensions.

However, amidst the changes, the essence of St Martin’s—a warm, familial atmosphere—remains intact. Kerri is particularly proud of fostering this welcoming environment, where residents feel cherished and supported.

But what truly sets Kerri’s story apart is the presence of her daughter, Cassandra, by her side.

“I’m very proud of how she handles the day-to-day challenges of her role with a smile and eagerness to succeed,” Kerri shares. For Cassandra, following in her mother’s footsteps was a natural choice, inspired by her upbringing immersed in the world of aged care.

Cassandra reminisces about her childhood spent at St Martin’s, where she would eagerly lend a hand alongside her mother. 

“Since then, I’ve spent many school holidays and days off at St Martins… I always wanted to do what my mum did,” she reflects. Today, as the Workforce Planner, Cassandra finds joy in the intricacies of rostering, likening it to solving a complex puzzle.

Joy Lucas, Kerri’s mother and a resident at Symes Grove, cherishes the opportunity to see her daughter and granddaughter regularly.

“It’s great to have them working where I live as I get to see them often,” Joy shares. Her days at Symes Grove are filled with companionship and a sense of community—a welcome change from the responsibilities of independent living.

As Mother’s Day approaches, the story of Kerri, Cassandra, and Joy serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring bonds that unite generations. Through their shared dedication to aged care, they exemplify the essence of family and the power of love and compassion.

This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate the remarkable women in our lives, whose love and guidance shape our journeys and inspire us to make a difference, just like Kerri, Cassandra, and Joy.

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