Mar 02, 2023

Top three hand creams to soothe over-sanitisation

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Is constant hand-washing and sanitising drying out your hands? 

While hygiene is a non-negotiable when working in aged care, constant contact with water, gloves, soap, chemicals and alcohol-based hand sanitiser can leave your hands dry, irritated and cracked, which can lead to worse problems like psoriasis and dermatitis.

But have no fear, the HelloCare team have consulted our Aged Care Workers Support Group on what the best hand creams are for aged care workers to soothe, heal and hydrate their mittens after a long shift on the ward.*

1. Tough Hands Intensive Hand Cream for Dry Hands – DU’IT

Size: 150g
Price: $12.95

A favourite among all workers who use their hands for work is the Tough Hands Intensive Hand Cream by DU’IT. 

This multi-action hand cream contains natural lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to help exfoliate dry skin off of the hands while making them soft and supple. It’s also made with Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle extract which are used to treat minor cuts and mild infections.

Designed for hands that are work-damaged, dehydrated, cracked, tough, calloused, frequently washed, irritated by gloves, or have split or cracked fingers, DU’IT claim that this non-greasy formula is perfect for aged care workers. 

This cream is easy to get your hands on – you can often pick this up at the supermarket or a chemist!

2. Urederm Cream – Hamilton

Size: 225g
Price: $17

The Urederm Cream contains 10% urea, which is an agent added to skincare to help moisture and strengthen your skin barrier.

This cream claims to soothe dry and flakey skin as well as help skin conditions such as mild eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

If you have allergies to some fragrances and artificial colours, the Urederm Cream is free from soap, sulphate fragrances, colours and propylene glycol.

Use this one after the shower or after washing your hands to lock in moisture and ease irritated skin.

This hand cream will probably only be available at a chemist so it is best to check with one near you if they stock it. 

3. Hemp Hand Protector – The Body Shop

Size: 100ml
Price: $26

The winner by far is an old faithful – the Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop.

With a few aged care workers and nurses swearing by this stuff, Hemp Hand Protector became a skincare staple long before the benefits of hemp were commodified and commercialised. 

Outside of being a food, a medicine and a material for textiles, hemp also produces oil known for its high levels of vitamins and hydration when applied to the skin. 

While it is the most expensive on the list, it certainly rates the highest by far.

The Body Shop does have many retail outlets across the country where you can purchase Hemp Hand Protector or you can buy it online.

*DISCLAIMER the HelloCare team are not medical experts and this story contains general advice. Should any severe symptoms persist, please consult a medical professional. 

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