Union calls on Morrison Government to pay everyday Australians to help solve aged care crisis

HSU call out government

The emergency initiative, similar to the Volunteer Defence Corps deployed during World War II, would help alleviate pressure on exhausted staff and provide a way for Australians who can and want to help to do so.

It comes on top of requests from aged care providers and unions today to deploy the Australian Defence Force to support the sector and provide staff with an additional direct payment.

HSU National President Gerard Hayes said the sector is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis and requires immediate assistance.

“Conditions for both staff and residents are deteriorating rapidly as COVID cases in aged care continue to rise,” Mr Hayes said.

“The majority of staff are exhausted and many are quitting. It is an unmitigated catastrophe.

“The Morrison Government failed to prepare before letting Omicron rip and this is the disastrous result.

“The Prime Minister could help fix this crisis now by paying everyday Australians to provide support to aged care facilities in roles which don’t require training such as food delivery.

“Australians could become ‘community angels’, helping facilities in dire need of assistance, particularly in regional and remote areas.

“The Morrison Government needs to do whatever it takes to relieve pressure on aged care.

“Rapid Antigen Tests should also be made free and available to all and the sourcing of adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all workers should be made a priority.

“Overworked, modestly-paid staff and aged care residents, who helped build this country, deserve better.”

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  1. I have been saying all along there should be a Home Guard type of response team on standby for all critical emergencies not just for the Aged Care but for all health care even businesses that are doing it so tough. It should be a service that everyone can be involved in. All school leavers should do this on a requirement of leaving school before moving into the work field. Lots of opportunities, paid or volunteering.


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