Aug 01, 2020

1,008 active cases in aged care

Victoria now has 5,919 active cases.

397 new COVID-19 cases and three deaths have been recorded in Victoria in the past 24 hours.

The three deaths include: A man in his 80s, a woman in her 80s and a woman in her 90s all believed to be residents previously living in an aged care home.

1,008 active cases have been reported in aged care and 1,075 relating to healthcare workers.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the situation in aged care remains “very serious and confronting”.

“570 shifts have been worked by hospital nurses across a number of private aged care settings”.

“As always our nurses are stepping up and doing the most important work”.

“I know people, people who may have responsibility for some of these facilities are hurting”.

“And there is not much to be gained by trying to proportion blame”.

“What’s important here is that we focus on the thing that should always on the thing that should always be at the centre of focus and that is the health and safety and wellbeing of residents”.

“And that is what I’m exclusively focused on. That’s what the Prime Minister is exclusively focused on”.

“We have moved literally hundreds and hundreds of residents into hospitals”.

“It is an enormous amount of work”.

“That is now entire workforces being replaced. Because safety and wellbeing of residents have to be at the centre of this”.

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  1. The patients are extremely fortunate that so many people come forward at the expense of their own safety and health. I fear that nurses will become sick from over work or contract covid themselves as not all people want to be vaccinated so more residents will die due to the fact that not all elderly want to be vaccinated. I feel nursing staff are put at risk when patients refuse to be vaccinated not to mention other staff. All of a sudden carers in Aged Care are seen as important when they are all sick or off in isolation. More reason to pay them more!!


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