Sep 08, 2021

13 people injured in violent incident at Victorian aged care home

13 people injured in violent incident at Victorian aged care home

Emergency services were called to Yallambee Village for the Aged at 1.30am after receiving reports of a man assaulting multiple people at the facility.

Upon police arrival, the 78-year-old man was restrained at the scene and transported to hospital for assessment.

One of the home’s residents aged in her 90s, and two other residents who were aged in their 70s, were transported to the Latrobe Regional Hospital in a stable condition after suffering upper-body injuries. 

According to reports, 10 other residents and one staff member were treated for minor injuries at the home.

“We recognise people have been affected and we continue to provide care and assistance for those who have been impacted to support their health and wellbeing during this difficult time,” she said.

“I thank the families of residents for their understanding as we take care of the ones who matter the most.”

Investigations into the circumstances that triggered the incident are still ongoing.

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  1. Unfortunately those that need to be removed due to dangerous episodes can’t be treated/removed until AFTER an incident. The worst part is there will be a medication review, the resident most likely won’t be put on antipsychotic meds as it’s classed as “restraint” and the other residents and staff will suffer mental trauma waiting for it to happen again. I’m all for the rights of the elderly and frail but I’m pretty sure most people who were given the choice when they were cognitively able would not want to treat others this way and would give permission to use medication appropriately to keep themselves and others safe.

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