Nov 13, 2015

World Kindness Day – Make a Difference in Aged Care

November 13, World Kindness Day, is set aside to focus on providing warmhearted gestures to others without expecting anything in return. Of course we should be kind to people everyday however we don’t always get the time or other things get in the way to actually go out of your way to do something nice.

Having said that many people that visit our website are either working in professions that are constantly giving to others, or are providing direct care and support to their loved ones. Both roles require significant kindness and giving on a daily basis.


Being kind to others is actually contagious. By this we mean if you do a nice thing for someone. Chances are they will feel compelled to pass the same kind gestures onto others.

To get you started here is how to pass the kindness around aged care homes ; or at least something to consider over the next 16 days

  1. Create a harmonious aged care home. A harmonious environment to work in will foster people with a ‘care factor’ to not only look after our elderly but one another.
  2. Visit a friend or loved one living in aged care that you haven’t seen in awhile.
  3. Smile at people visiting the facility, your colleagues or people you may have not met before. Just for no reason other than to be kind.

Watch the video above to be inspired to do acts of kindness in your own life.

Please share with us what you have done for others or perhaps what others have done for you.

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