May 14, 2020

21-Year Old Faces Court For Alleged Attack On Sleeping Great-Grandmother

A 21-year-old man will spend the next three weeks behind bars awaiting his next court appearance after appearing in Perth Magistrate Court earlier this week charged with a heinous attack in the suburb of Balga, WA.

Alleged attacker Zailn Jahson Hayward, stands accused of climbing through the 81-year-old victim’s window while naked and climbing on top of the elderly victim as she lay in her bed on Sunday night.

According to Western Australian Police, Mr. Hayward forced entry into the home before indecently assaulting and punching the elderly woman while she screamed.

The young man then fled the home and was arrested the following morning where he charged with aggravated burglary, indecent assault, deprivation of liberty, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said that the elderly victim had been left traumatised by the attack, telling police that she doesn’t think that she will be able to sleep for the next 12 months.

The victim’s 84-year-old husband was also home at the time of the alleged attack but was sleeping in another room when the incident occurred.

The woman is now staying with family and is fearful of going home.

Photo courtesy of Facebook

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  1. This is exactly the sort of crime we should have MINIMUM sentencing for instead of maximum sentencing. Violence against vulnerable people should have no maximum & the judge should have the power to put these animals away for the term of their natural life.


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