Sep 29, 2020

74 year old man seriously injured after carjacking in SA

A South Australian woman has been arrested in connection to the carjacking and assault of a 74 year old man yesterday afternoon.

At about 1pm yesterday, the 74 year old was returning to his car when the unknown woman approached him. She allegedly pushed the man over and got into his car, hitting him with it as she drove away.

The older man sustained serious injuries and was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he remains.

The stolen car was seen driving around the South Australian area of Aberfoyle Park around 8:30pm by witnesses who contacted police. The vehicle was quickly found by police who launched a search of the area with police helicopter assistance. The suspect was then found nearby and arrested.

The car has been seized for forensic examination, and the 25 year old woman of no fixed address has been charged with acts to endanger life, illegal use and driving unlicensed. She is expected to appear in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court today.

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