Nov 17, 2023

80-year-old’s car crashes into swimming pool

car in pool2
The exact cause of the crash is yet to be determined. [Source: The Age]

An 80-year-old man was rushed to hospital after his car reversed into a private school’s swimming pool in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs of Keysborough on Thursday morning. 

The silver RAV 4 was found floating in the swimming pool at Haileybury College’s aquatic centre along Springvale Rd at about 8.15am. Witnesses nearby helped the older man escape from the submerged car.

Emergency services arrived just before 8.30am and transported the man to Cabrini Malvern hospital immediately, according to

The man is believed to be the grandfather of a student at the school. 

Victoria Police said in a statement an 80-year-old Springvale man had parked a silver RAV4 wagon outside the school’s aquatic centre when he reversed into the building and ended up in the swimming pool. Two of the school’s swimming staff, who were in the centre at the time, helped the driver get out of the water. He was not injured, the statement added.

According to The Age, a school spokesperson said staff quickly alerted paramedics and police. “Thankfully, nobody was injured. Nobody was in the pool, nobody was in the vicinity of the pool.”

The SUV remained in the water throughout Friday morning, as the school and emergency services assessed options for removing it from the pool.

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