Mar 27, 2023

83 Year Old proves revenge is a meal best served cold

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has been rude to you, but instead of retaliating, you responded with kindness? It’s not always easy to do, but it can make all the difference in the world. 

One person who knows this all too well is an 83-year-old individual who recently had a run-in with a young lady in a McDonald’s drive-through.

As the story goes, the young lady behind the older person became impatient and began honking her horn and mouthing off because the senior was taking too long to place their order. Rather than getting angry or upset, the 83 year old decided to respond with kindness.

At the first window, the older person paid for the young lady’s order along with their own. As they moved up to the second window, the young lady leaned out her window and mouthed “thank you”, clearly embarrassed that her rudeness had been met with kindness.

But the act of kindness didn’t end there. The elderly person showed both receipts at the second window and took the young lady’s food too. This meant that she had to go back to the end of the queue and start all over again.

While some might see this as a form of revenge or pettiness, it’s actually quite the opposite. The older person chose to respond to the young lady’s impatience and rudeness with compassion and generosity. 

As they say, “the best revenge is living well.”

This story was shared on social media, with many people praising the older person’s actions and calling it a lesson in kindness. It’s a reminder that we should always strive to be kind to others, even when they may not show us the same courtesy.

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  1. Yes I’m also slow with the convoluted meal menus of drive in fast food stops , they change their names as promotions come and go , my simple solution is give the set meals numbers , like “ a number 9 and a numbers 6 please That would help a lot ,


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