Nov 22, 2021

93-year-old grandmother’s sweet message to her family becomes internet sensation

Her daughter starts the video by asking her mother to send a message to her family.

“Hello everybody,” she says with a smile and a little laugh. 

“I’m still here. Like a bad penny, there’s no getting rid of me,” she said. 

“I hope you’re all keeping well and doing what you’re told. Keep to the rules and you’ll all be fine. It’ll all pass,” she said, referring to COVID-19.

“Bye-bye for now. I love you all and think about you a lot,” she concludes.

The video has been watched nearly 10 million times, with viewers from all over the world commenting.

“Words of wisdom from granny,” wrote one viewer.

“I love her soooo much,” said another.

“I’ve watched your wee granny about ten times – she’s so comforting,” wrote a viewer. 

What is the sweetest thing you’ve seen recently? Share with us below. 

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  1. Hello wee granny thankyou for you words of encouragement to all to just follower the rules and we will all be fine.take care of your self christine

  2. That’s such a lovely sensible message especially to those few that are “tired” of following the rules. This is not over by a long shot!


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