Apr 14, 2020

93-Year-Old Woman Has 150 Cans Of Beer Delivered While Isolated

An elderly woman who became an internet sensation for holding up a sign that said “I NEED MORE BEER!” had her wish granted as a major American brewing company decided to drop 150 cold cans of beer on her doorstep.

Olive Verenosi, 93, is one of the millions of elderly people around the world who currently find themselves confined to their own homes to avoid the coronavirus.

Thankfully, Olive is in great health, but a trip to the refrigerator last week confirmed that there was another significant problem brewing in the background.

Speaking to local TV station KDKA-TV, Olive said: “I was on my last 12 cans, I have a beer every night, you know what, beer has vitamins in it, it’s good for you, as long as you don’t overdo it.”

The initial photo of Olive smiling and holding up a sign that said “I NEED MORE BEER” went viral on the KDKA-TV facebook book and was viewed by over 5 million people around the globe.

The photo was taken by a relative of Olive’s and shows the smiling grandmother holding one of her last remaining cans of American beer, Coors Light.

Fortunately for Olive, American beer brewing company Coors Light was also among the audience of millions who saw the picture of the beer-loving-senior.

Shortly after Olive’s photo found internet fame, representatives of Coors Light drove out to the home of the 93-year-old and personally delivered 150 cans of beer to her doorstep.

The joy on Olive’s face was undeniable as she happily popped open a can and started to drink on her porch while the delivery was being made.

As long as Olive sticks to her own rule of having one beer every night, this new delivery should see her through for another five months.

Olive also revealed that she will continue to be responsible and practice social-distancing by staying at home.


Photo Credit: KDKA

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