A Day In The Life Of A Lonely 98-Year-Old Woman

A day in the life of Mary was filmed by Voyager film crew documenting the elderly ladies daily routine.

It features Mary visiting the Day-care Centre and then what appears lonely moments in her own apartment.

A candid somewhat confronting account of the realities faced by some older people living alone with minimal social supports.

An employee from the Day-care Centre was invited into Mary’s home to get a glimpse of what she gets up to after leaving the Day-care Centre.

Reminding us all, but especially the thousands of nurses, carers and lifestyle staff caring for older people about the importance of human connection and the significant impact you can have on one’s life.

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  1. So sweet, so heartwarming and yet so heartbreaking all at the same time. I love working with the elderly and I have been for 25+ years. You learn so much from them. It’s so sad to see them alone. So thank you to all the wonderful people working with our elders!

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