Jan 11, 2022

A pensioner accidentally grew cannabis in her front yard from spilled bird seed

A pensioner accidentally grew cannabis in her front yard from spilled bird seed

While the woman did think that the plant looked “a bit funny” when it first began sprouting in the small garden bed alongside her driveway, the pensioner said she likes growing unusual plants, so she made a point to give it an extra splash with her watering can every day. 

However, as the plant continued growing to a very noticeable height of 5ft, she thought that the leaves may have looked familiar and she began to feel suspicious.

“There weren’t any flowers on it, just these weird little buds. I asked some of the family if it could be cannabis, because you never know what’s been blown over the fence, but they just laughed.”

After looking the plant up on the internet and trying to understand how things happened, the pensioner and her granddaughter learned that in rare cases, contaminated bird seed can actually produce cannabis plants.

This theory seemed to ring true for the pensioner, who revealed that she routinely buys sacks of bird seed, which are then sprinkled out the front.

“He was trying to figure out if I knew what I was growing. My husband said, ‘For God’s sake woman, we need to get rid of this thing sharpish before we get weirdos banging on the door wanting you to sell them something,’” said the pensioner. 

“He said, ‘You’re going to turn us into the talk of the cul-de-sac.'”

After a few unsuccessful attempts to remove the plant by herself, the grandmother-of-four invited her grandchildren over to her home in the English seaside town of Felixstowe to assist with its removal.

Local police officer, Robin Pivett, told local reporters that they had not seen a similar case in many years and that the accidental nature of the incident ensured that no charges would be laid.

“Occasionally bird seen can be contaminated, however, producers of bird seed do all they can to prevent this happening, often by denaturing hemp seed. There are one or two reports each year from around the country; the weather would also be a factor,” said the officer.

The grandmother is still unsure of where she initially purchased her bird seed.

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  1. Similar story happened to us. My husband had a cleaning business and employed few people. One day cleaner called off sick and for help he took my mum who was visiting us from Poland. My mum was a passionate gardener. She never told us that on the job she found small bag with few seeds in it which she planted in our garden. This plant grew up to a big shrub and mum took very care of it wondering what will become of it. I was curious as well thinking it must be something special but was upset a little with mum that she took someones things! Being Polish we never came across any drugs and what they look like.
    Eventually mums enthusiasm died down when it turned out that this huge plant didn’t have beautiful flowers or smell….it only had big colourless heads !
    One day we invited friends for barbecue. They came and they laughed and laughed and laughed! Next morning when we got up the bush was gone….we don’t know what happened to it ! Mum as a good catholic women, was vey upset with herself and we told her it was Karma for stealing!


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