Jan 09, 2024

Accused murderer of older parents rearrested for “strolling around” shopping centre

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Accused murderer Raelene Polymiadis (pictured) rearrested for breaching home detention bail multiple times. [Source: 9News/ Facebook]

Raelene Polymiadis, accused of murdering her older parents, has been rearrested and taken back into custody after police allege she breached her bail conditions five times.

The 63-year-old was charged in July with the murder of her mother and father Brenda and Lynton Anderson, both 94, by administering lethal doses of her prescribed insulin. Ms Polymiadis was put on home detention with strict conditions in August after the court ruled the management of her type 1 diabetes could be impacted in custody.

On Friday, she was rearrested by police for allegedly breaching bail five times in recent weeks, the most recent by “strolling around” Ingle Farm Shopping Centre in Adelaide’s north. 

The other four alleged breaches suggest Ms Polymiadis was spotted at locations on the Salisbury Highway.

Ms Polymiadis faced the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday afternoon where her lawyer Joseph Henderson appeared on her behalf, claiming his client was at the shopping centre visiting a pharmacy to get supplies to manage her diabetes. 

Her bail conditions allowed her to leave home only for medical appointments.

Prosecuting police disputed those claims and alleged an unidentified woman was also recorded on CCTV entering Ms Polymiadis’ vehicle. Ms Polymiadis refused to identify the mystery woman. 

“In fact, it shows her looking at brochures and books […] meeting up with this person who hops into her car and drives off with her.”

Magistrate Benjamin Sale rejected Ms Polymiadis’ claims that she was seeking medical supplies and said CCTV showed she didn’t enter either of the two chemists at Ingle Farm Plaza.

Despite the allegations, Magistrate Sale granted Ms Polymiadis bail again due to her medical condition but prosecutors said they would appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.

Ms Polymiadis will remain in custody for the next two days until she attends the Supreme Court, where she must plead her case again.

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