Jan 23, 2024

Aged care bedroom transformed into a social space for residents and families

woodport family room hellocare
Woodport Aged Care Centre has unveiled a brand new family room, transforming a twin-share bedroom. [Source: Supplied]

A change of purpose for an empty bedroom at the Woodport Aged Care Centre has given the space a fresh lease on life after it was converted into a homely multi-use room for residents and their families.

The family room’s creation was a true team effort with the twin-share room reimagined as a spot for socialising, dining and more by its owner, the Salvation Army, and the management team.  

Now, the Erina-based residential care home – which also has a co-located retirement village – has a much-desired space that has been at the top of resident wishlists. 

“We have had a number of enquiries requesting for a single room with extra space to accommodate families when they are visiting and to share meals within the room without compromising their privacy as well,” Lanie Sagun, Woodport’s Centre Manager, told HelloCare.

By creating a homely environment that’s accessible to all, the Woodport Aged Care Centre is now the talk of the town – especially its residents, families and staff members. Ms Sagun told HelloCare that its creation captured the attention of all and there has been plenty of positive feedback from day one of its refurbishment through to the grand opening. 

“The room’s transformation means that the resident occupying it can live in a space that suits their personality. It provides privacy and enough space for families to spend time in when they are visiting. This can have a big impact on the Aged Care experience.”

While it may seem like a simple process to transform a bedroom into a shared space for residents and families, plenty of considerations went into its design, layout and purpose. 

The family room includes a bed, multiple chairs and a small dining table, all of which are perfect for residents to host their families in an inviting setting.

A detailed concept plan ensured that all finishes and fixtures, including fashionable timber panelling, welcoming colour palettes and homely curtains, were mapped out well in advance. This preparation created a warm space for all to enjoy, particularly those who were involved in its design and development.

“I am most proud of the design features providing the overall warmth and homely feel. It gives you the impression that you are not in an Aged Care Centre, you are in a home,” added Ms Sagun. 

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