Aged care hospitality hero recognised for his culinary efforts

Sanath joined VMCH in 2015 after working in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and casinos. [Source: VMCH]

Not all heroes wear capes … some wear chef’s hats!

Care provider VMCH has announced they have named Head Chef Manager, Sanath Wanniarachchi, a Hospitality & Lifestyle Aged Care (HLAC) Hero.

HLAC Heroes is a national initiative by aged care catering software provider SoupedUp which recognises 10 outstanding people from across Australia who provide quality and superior catering, cleaning, laundry and lifestyle services within aged care.

Mr Wanniarachchi joined VMCH in 2015 following a career in coveted positions in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and casinos, including the 7-star Burj-Al-Arab Hotel in Dubai.

Now, the 30-year hospitality veteran supports chefs across VMCH’s 14 aged care residences, helping them to enhance culinary initiatives, the dining room experience, food presentation and new menu ideas.

Mr Wanniarachchi said his job is very rewarding and is honoured to receive the HLAC award, acknowledging that food is a very important part of aged care and residents should have access to the best quality food available. 

“Our focus extends beyond taste and presentation; we prioritise crafting nutritionally balanced diets while maintaining impeccable hygiene and food safety standards,” he said.

“Together, we have built a robust team of chefs, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and engagement.”

VMCH’s Sally Bliesner (left), Mr Wanniarachchi (centre) and SoupedUp’s Belinda Adams (right). [Source: VMCH]

SoupedUp Founder and CEO Belinda Adams said the company is “extremely proud” to acknowledge roles and professions within aged care that often fly under the radar, like Mr Wanniarachchi’s.

She said, “HLAC Hero recipients are just a snippet of the empathetic, passionate, caring people who go the extra mile for their residents in aged care. We’re delighted to be able to give back to these individuals and sites and highlight their exceptional work, despite the challenges thrown their way.”

“It’s fantastic to see Sanath recognised for his continued hard work and dedication to his role,” said VMCH General Manager of Hospitality, Sally Bliesner.

“Our aged care community at VMCH is truly lucky to benefit from his expertise and heart. Sanath really deserves this recognition.”

Do you know someone worthy of a HLAC award? Let us know! 

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