Feb 12, 2020

Aged Care Residents Walk The Red Carpet For Oscars Hollywood Party

There was plenty of glitz and glamour on show in Hollywood this week as the world’s most well-known stars walked the red carpet for this year’s Oscars, but celebrities were not the only people who enjoyed their moment in the spotlight. 

Residents at the Mercy Health Bethlehem Home of the Aged in the Victorian city of Bendigo were treated to a Hollywood-themed Oscar party complete with red carpet entry and VIP furnishings.

The facilities Lifestyle Coordinator, Kylie Paxton, sat down with HelloCare and shared some details about how the Oscars served as the perfect platform to let residents get a taste of fame.

“I’m sure that most people would have wondered what it would be like to walk a red carpet,” said Ms Paxton.

“We have brilliant staff, one staff member has numerous resources and she had ball gowns and mannequins and she set the area up to have a real VIP red carpet Hollywood feel.”

“We went and purchased a red carpet and laid that out. Then one staff member went out and got some poles which she spray-painted gold along with some ‘velvet’ rope to add that extra element of celebrity.”

Many residents jumped at the opportunity to be involved and flaunt their style on the red carpet and those who were reluctant began joining in when they saw fellow residents enjoying themselves.

There were a number of Hollywood themed costumes and outfits available for residents to select on the day, accompanied by Hollywood Bingo and Trivia.

“We just went with it, and we are very lucky to have residents who are willing to give anything a go,” said Ms Paxton.

“We had some residents who said that they were happy to dress up but didn’t feel confident being the center of attention.”

“One resident who was actually opposed to the idea actually got the courage to get up – and before you knew it she was waving at the crowd and really working that red carpet and flaunting her look like a celebrity.”

“It was amazing to see how quickly some residents came out of their shells, especially once they saw other people having a go.”

Residents also received their own Oscar-themed awards that were handed out to multiple winners across various categories, and these trophies also came with a selection of chocolates.

“Our residents definitely love chocolates,” said Ms Paxton.

“The awards themselves are something that most residents don’t really follow, but the idea of participating in their own little event was something that filled our facility with a lot of smiling faces.”

Mercy Health Bethlehem resident, Jean McGlashan, managed to take out the award for best dressed amongst a number of glamorous residents and staff members.

Photos courtesy of Mercy Health Bethlehem Home of the Aged

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