Aged care worker fired after breathing heavily into reporter’s face

Sacked aged care worker

When the incident first occurred last weekend, journalist Reid Butler wrote on Twitter, “This woman – who deliberately breathed heavily in my face at Saturday’s anti-vax rally – is an aged care worker with @Baptcare.

“I feel for the residents she supposedly looks after. Sickening.”

The incident occurred at an anti-lockdown and vaccine rally in Melbourne last Saturday, when the woman approached Reid and exhaled audibly into his face.

Now the woman’s employer, Baptcare, has issued a statement confirming the woman is no longer employed with them.

“Confirmation tonight this woman has been fired,” wrote Reid on Twitter.

“Last Saturday, 29 May, 2021 a person, who has since been identified as an employee of Baptcare, appeared on a television news broadcast, in relation to a story featuring lockdown protests in Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne,” said the Baptcare statement.

“The incident was subsequently reported on several television networks, and in social media over the following days.

“The employee’s behaviour does not align with our core values, centred on respect and wellbeing for others. 

“The employee also failed to practice social distancing, and did not wear a face mask, mandated at this time so as to minimise the spread of infections, such as COVID-19.

“Baptcare does not condone the actions of this employee, which were unacceptable, and out of step with our expectations as an employer, and the expectations of the community more broadly. 

“To this end, Baptcare commenced a review of the incident relating to the employee’s behaviour. 

“The review has concluded, and the person has left our employ.”

Baptistcare thanked all its staff “who are working tirelessly day-in-day-out across aged care, home care, family and community services, mental health, affordable housing and disability services”. 

“Many of them have been on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic for close to a year-and-a-half now. 

“We are also extremely thankful to all of our volunteers, family and friends, and broader community, for their continued support at this difficult time.”

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  1. What is required here is an education campaign. Believe it or not but there are people out there who believe that the Pfizer vaccine effects fertility and that some types of vaccine can ‘change your DNA’. People are basically misinformed, anxious and isolated. The Morrison government urgently needs to counter the misinformation on social media and fix Aged Care so that people can get vaccinated at work and when they do there is adequate support so that they can take a paid day or two off if they need to.

  2. While I hate to hear of anyone losing their job, and having watched what this woman did (on the news), I am proud that Baptcare responded as they did.
    Whilst the vaccines are entirely voluntary, she took part in a protest against the vaccines and then breathed on that reporter.
    I sincerely hope she was also charged and fined by the Police.

  3. Yes. It is a blessing she isn’t working in the industry anymore. You can only imagine her safe hygiene practices in the workforce. She did her employer a favour as they were probably aware of her behaviours in the workplace as well. I must say though, I am sick of employers thanking their staff so often as in this case the “staff working tirelessly” across many situations of employment with Baptistcare. If these Aged Care businesses were looking after their staff appropriately and followed safe work practices and paid these workers what they are really worth I wonder if they would be putting out statements like that. Alarm bells ring straight away with me that the staff are working over and beyond what they should be and on very medioca pay. Thank you notes just don’t cut it anymore! My own place of employment have been writing Thank you notes for over 7 months now. Every single day! For double shifts, fill in shifts in other areas (not care role, kitchen and laundry, cleaning even maintenance now if someone wants to pick it up. Alarm bells for anybody else? Staff leaving in the droves at the moment. They have had enough of working their asses off for peanuts while the big boss and CMs get the pat on the back for saving money on not calling in agency staff as often as they should or mostly not at all. Is it safe practice to have tired, exhausted staff looking after the vulnerable people? I SAY NOT! BUT NOTHING CHANGES IN THE INDUSTRY DOES IT? BANGING OUR HEADS TO NO AVAIL. JUST MORE VENTING HEY?


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