Mar 05, 2023

Aged care workers learning vital skills through video games

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Founder and CEO of Enabler Interactive, Huy Nguyen

Mobile gaming technology is transforming the aged care industry by teaching aged care workers the necessary skills and knowledge to provide superior care.

Research shows that Australia will fall short of 200,000 qualified workers across the aged care sector by 2050, making it clear that more must be done to help prepare those who support older Australians by having new and innovative ways for workers to learn.

Software company, Enabler Interactive, is trying to address this education gap with its virtual platform , combining video games and gamified, reward-based learning, to train and educate workers about real-life scenarios. 

This 3D simulated scenario-based approach to learning aims to build carer confidence and prepare workers to take on the pressures of these highly demanding jobs.

Huy Nguyen, Founder of Enabler Interactive, recognises the immense need for skilled support workers in the aged care sectors. 

“The aged care sectors are currently lacking over 90,000 skilled support workers, ultimately leaving people who require special care, isolated and unable to participate in society,” he said.

“We want to remove as much of that mistake learning and physical sort of real world putting that in a simulated scenario space that’s gamified so that you don’t impact people’s disabilities because we’re not guinea pigs.” 

Mr Nguyen said that the response to the platform has been overwhelmingly positive with 97% of participants reporting increased confidence and knowledge. 

This platform is accessible on mobile and computer devices and doesn’t rely on a constant internet connection, making it more accessible for regional and remote workers. 

Having access to this technology is extremely beneficial in rural areas which are experiencing a drought in registered nurses causing an aged care nightmare.

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