Mar 28, 2023

AI-Generated Portraits Honour the Elderly

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Jonas Peterson is an artist who specialises in creating AI-generated portraits, seamlessly blending the boundaries between reality and the digital world.

Mr Peterson recently gained significant recognition online for his series titled “Youth Is Wasted On The Young”, which he created using AI technology. 

Mr Peterson stated “We live in a time where age is a hindrance more than a badge of honour.” His idea behind this series was to celebrate older people and to comment on ageism.

It is a positive, subtle tribute to those who have lived a life beyond our own, with confidence and pride shining through. 

“I chose fashion to showcase their personalities, attitudes, and inner rebels, cutting through age,” said Mr Peterson.

Mr Peterson uses computer software to create the scenes, characters, and attire. 

“I give specific directions using words only to a program, lenses, angles, camera choice, colour theme, colours, styling, backgrounds, attitude and overall look and the artificial intelligence goes to work,” he explained.

“It sends back suggestions and more often than not it’s completely wrong, so I try other ways to describe what I’m after, change wording, move phrases around and try to get the AI to understand the mood.”

The series is a quiet homage to those who have seen and experienced more than us, with many stories to tell.

Peterson’s project gained immense popularity after he shared it online, with over 10 million shares and widespread acclaim. Its unique fusion of art, technology and its powerful message of honouring the older generations.

Be sure to check out Jonas Peterson Work Here

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