Feb 22, 2024

Almost 70 RNs and ENs on track to fill critical gaps in aged care

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RN Wendy enjoying the career change to aged care. [Source: Supplied]

A total of 63 Graduate Registered and Enrolled Nurses will be headed for careers in aged care after completing comprehensive training that will help them address chronic staff shortages in the industry. 

It has been reported that the residential aged care sector needs almost 6,000 more nurses to meet this year’s new reporting requirements, causing concerns about the future of some providers. 

The Aged & Community Care Providers Association’s (ACCPA) Aged Care Nursing Transition to Practice Program has helped ease these concerns by educating and attracting more nurses to work in aged care and supporting their career development.

Wendy Williams commenced the program in February 2023 after completing her Bachelor’s in Nursing Science from the University of Sunshine Coast.

Wendy has a long history with health care. Started her nursing training in 2017 and is now working as an RN at Lutheran Services Cooinda Aged Care.

“I love the relationships and rapport that I’m able to develop with the people I support,” she said. 

The group consists of 48 Graduate RNs and six Graduate Enrolled Nurses (ENs) who have participated in the program for the past year. Nine Transitioning RNs joined the program for six months from other nursing fields and are moving into the aged care sector for the first time.

Bronwyn Doyle, National Team Leader for the program said it was a great opportunity to capture all the learning the nurses did in their degree and transfer that into practical experience.

“Our tailored programs will help prepare nurses for a career in aged and community care and enter the sector with confidence,” she said. 

ACCPA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Symondson congratulated the nurse learners on their outstanding achievements and for taking the step to enter the aged and community care sector. 

“Aged care is a field that comes with many challenges but is filled with countless rewards, and nurses get to experience a sense of fulfilment that is difficult to find elsewhere,” he said.

“With the 24/7 nursing requirements which came into force last year, we know there is a critical shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) in aged care.

“We are proud to be helping build the future workforce and support the nurses in this vital role.”

The next intakes for the ACCPA Nursing Transition Practice Programs for graduate Enrolled and Registered Nurses and transitioning Registered Nurses start this month and again in May and August. 

Find out more about it here

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