Jun 24, 2020

Andrew Kinkade to finish Newmarch role a month early

The independent adviser appointed to help Newmarch House manage its COVID-19 outbreak will leave his post more than a month earlier than anticipated.

My Kinkade was appointed by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission on 7 May for a three-month term.

However, Janet Anderson, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner, wrote to the Newmarch House community on 19 and 20 June to inform them that now the outbreak is over, Mr Kinkade will “finalise his work” as independent adviser in the week beginning 29 June 2020.

Mr Kinkade was due to finish his role on 8 August.

Mr Kinkade “has played an instrumental role in strengthening Newmarch House’s response to the outbreak. His knowledge, expertise and experience have been pivotal in driving improvements in the operation of the service,” Ms Anderson said in a statement.

The information was communicated before Monday’s airing of Four Corners, which focused on Newmarch House.

Mr Kinkade, a chartered accountant and solicitor, is general manager of residential care at Catholic Healthcare. He was previously chief operating officer and general manager New South Wales at National Home Doctor Service. He has a background in investment banking and private equity, both here in Australia but also in London.

At the time of his appointment, Anglicare issued a statement saying, “Andrew Kinkade has extensive experience in aged care in Australia and the UK and has been contributing to sector-wide preparations and responses to COVID-19. 

“He has a track record of managing complex situations and delivering high quality care. It is this background that gives him an understanding of the support that is needed at Newmarch House.”

Image: byryo, iStock.

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  1. Looks like hiring an independent advisor worked well, perhaps better than anticipated. All under control and in less time. Will be interesting to see what comes from an inquest into the handling

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