Oct 08, 2021

Anti-vaxxers stood down from jobs still eligible for $750 COVID support payments

Anti-vaxxers stood down from jobs still eligible for $750 COVID support payments

This news comes one week after the introduction of a controversial vaccination mandate, which dictates that all Victorians holding authorised worker permits must have received at least one dose of vaccine by October 15.

Those who lose more than 20 hours of work per week will be eligible to receive a weekly payment of $750, while those who lose between eight and 20 hours of work per week will receive a weekly payment of $450.

These payments will only be available until the Victorian population reaches 80% double vaccination status – which is likely to be in early November – before the Commonwealth phases out the payments over a two-week period.

State secretary of the Australian Workers Union (AWU), Ben Davis, told the Herald Sun that the union felt “somewhat blindsided and frustrated” by the mandate and that many of the union’s members were among those who object to being vaccinated.

“As much as we don’t like it, there’s not a lot we can do to stop it.”

The AWU represents members from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, steel, aluminium, glass, oil and gas, aviation, agriculture, construction, state public services, local government, health, plastics, hospitality, food, paper, resources, aquaculture, the beauty industry, events, and racing industries.

Mr Davis said that the AWU was willing to support unfair dismissal cases for unvaccinated union members that lose their jobs, however, he did encourage those who are hesitant about vaccination to voice their concerns with their doctor.

“The best thing you can do is go and get vaccinated,” said Mr Davis.

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      1. Very nasty sentiment. It comes from envy, that others may have more fortitude and stronger values than you that you are envious of.
        Plenty would love to keep their job and earn twice as much. So it’s a huge sacrifice also. Facing uncertainty no doubt. But you can’t ignore your gut intuition. If your gut tells you, something not adding up, and shot is very
        suspect , you have to go with that. Good luck to you going forward.

    1. Don’t be envious, you made yr decision to get vaxxed, let others ma k e their decision not to. This is not a vaccine, WHO CHANGED definition of what vaccine is. It’s gene therapy intervention and has no long term analysis. You may be trusting pharma companies, but given their criminal record over decades, many don’t t rust big pharma.
      Many trust immune system, 99% survival rate. Many not on p o sition to take big risk with jab, a nd as we are seeing there’s a massive risk. Most in hosp are vaxxed.

    2. What choice? Do you believe that taking things away from people until they say yes is giving them a choice? Wake up. They’ve been taking you’re rights away, your constitutional right to move freely, your right to breathe freely, to exercise and socialize and you let them. They’ve taken the right to freedom of speech and choice from those who have the courage to stand up to tyranny. They are destroying the economy and you’re still supporting what the government does?? Are you blind or just weak and a coward? When will you acknowledge that the government is abusing you and everyone else? When will it be enough? Have you gone outside and seen all the closed shops? Everything is for lease. How will destroying the economy solve an alleged health crisis?

    3. What a sad comment from the sheep. Shows guts to say no. You seem to be devoid of that and feel that because the majority have been vaxxed you are on the winning side. Bending over is not brave. Nazis we’re not brave.

    4. No one choose to leave their job we have been threatened not come back if we are not tapped by making an independent choice …. Thought I was living in democracy not a communist country!!

    5. I didn’t choose to leave my job fool, I was laid off because I had a legit medical reason not wear a mask, I’ve had 2 job offers but refused unless I had a jab !!!! If that mis not coercion used there, certainly no freedom of choice. Just because you throw away your and your childrens and your childrens children freedoms , dont expect everyone else too. Don’t bother using the “” we’ll get our freedoms back”” argument, that hasn’t happened yet and if it does how much of that freedom you will get is yet too be seen !! You just keep believing in big pharma and big government ok !!

    6. You are a pathetic human if you are that.How about you pull your head in and have some compassion and empathy for others.We are all going through different emotional crap at present.We dont need negative transhumans on this page

    7. Nobody is choosing to leave their job. People are choosing not to be forced to inject something into their bodies. The companies they work for are standing them down. There’s a big difference.

    8. I didn’t choose to leave my job you . I spent five months researching the emergency approved vaccines and chose to sit them out. People are happy to take one of the three available vaccines that took under a financial year to make, test, produce and roll out that is their decision. Too many unanswered questions for me. Should I really have my life stopped and plunged into devastation and economic deprivation because I made a well thought out, researched health decision. It is madness this hating on people. I am stunned on an hourly basis that people are okay with such mandates. Think about it. If you don’t take the medicine that big Pharma has told us is fine then we will cut you from society. Trying to blackmail their way out of a global health crisis. Really messed up. By the way – I am not an anti vaxxer and frankly sick of hearing about it. Finally when big pharma, the government and mass media are all in bed together- every single adult should raise an eyebrow.

  1. Regardless of anyones opinion for or against COVID vaccines, I remember one thing my dear, long departed Dad would say “The government has no place in the bedroom or the doctors surgery”.

    As someone who worked in government for 40 years he knew that government never shrinks, it always grows. he also knew that 7 out 10 government workers would never last in private business and that the remaining 3 out of 10 spent most of their time managing badly designed policies.

    He was basically warning about letting governments make laws about intimate relations and your medical health both of which he considered sacred and secret.

    With regards governments making “mandates” about medical procedures (vaccination is basically a medical procedure), ask yourself this – once allowed, where does it stop? The last 18 months has been a series of events none of us could ever imagine. Back in 2019, we’d all have laughed at someone saying “next year you won’t be able to leave Australia, you won’t be able to travel between states and some parts of Melbourne and Sydney will not be allowed out their homes for more than 1 hour a day.” Yet it all happened.

    So allow yourself to imagine where a government “mandate” on a medical procedures could lead us. I can start you off with a couple – Mandatory no revive orders on certain groups? Mandatory organ donations?
    It truly is a slippery slope.

    I am now more certain than ever before, that most ordinary Australians trust our governments much more than we should, to do the right thing by us. Unfortunately many people in government have other loyalties and priorities. Ordinary Australians welfare figure very low, if at all in their priorities.

    1. Well said. Mandating personal health decisions and manipulating, coercing, bribing, bullying and excluding people for not agreeing with them is truely worrying. This has been an eye opener for me and moving forward I have done away with any belief in politicians and main stream media. Doctors have also greatly disappointed me. I think we all need to open our eyes more. Money is more important to these people than lives. And the fact that they are now moving on to vaccinating very young kids where it has been proven that they are not at risk is concerning and can only be for greed and profit?

  2. I believe it’s terribly discriminatory to call people names. Everyone knows that and yet keep doing it to create division. There’s no need to call people who choose not to get the injection an “anti-vaxxer”, you could just say “People choosing not to get the injection”. You’re promoting segregation and you need to stop.
    Now, whet the government is doing is paying people to stay quiet while at the same time keep destroying the economy. Total control over people and population reduction are the main goals of this fake pandemic. People need to wake up and stop building their own prison. By complying with this totalitarian regime in progress they’re supporting the destruction of the economy, segregation and a system that will enslave us all.

  3. So, even though we are meant to have authority over our own body and medical autonomy, we are openly being coerced/blackmailed & economically disadvantaged for not copping ’the jab’!?! I’m all for beneficial vaccines and medical assistance to keep community safe! But that’s not what we have here. This is not a vaccine, per say. They admit; it wasn’t designed to stop you catching Co19! ..why not? Isn’t that what a vaccine IS? It won’t stop you transmitting co19! So, it is a failure, as a ‘vaccine’! But it is over represented with adverse reactions.. some so serious, that it will change your life.. and has been directly linked to 11 deaths..! So, for me, with my current medical status.. it is an unnecessary health risk, with little to no benefit ! I am genuinely concerned it may be harmful to me and I will not take that chance..for no benefit! It is voluntary, right? Iv chosen to have the rest over my life. I am responsible for a 12yo child who can’t survive without me. I look after myself. But now, I am forbidden from attending my career of 32yrs, for not taking a trial drug, of which there is no long term safety data! This is wrong! It’s inconsistent and it’s bullying. No one can guarantee my well-being if I have it.. and no one is financially responsible if die as a result of that vaccine! Why not? Who takes over my role of raising my son, providing financial & emotional care for him? It’s blatant coercion. My consent would not be given freely. I wouldn’t volunteer for this drug trial under normal circumstances! Yet now, I’m ostracised completely for not taking that risk! And I’m forbidden from providing for my family, by losing my job..of 32yrs service! Tell me again how the vaccine is voluntary??!! This is criminal.

    1. Mels story is just heartbreaking. This is just a nightmare for so many hardworking honest people. How heartless for a sociopathic psychopath politician to cause so much stress and anxiety Never in my wildest nightmares would I have believed I’d see this happen in Australia in 2021. The human race is stuffed.
      I scream in my head whenever I hear the propaganda which is falsely brainwashing the human race into believing that “vaccinations are our strongest tool in the fight against COVID-19”.
      The truth is that prevention is our strongest tool in the fight against ANY virus.
      Healthy lifestyle choices and a healthy immune system are our only hope.

    2. Im with you Mel, so sorry for everyone. I’ve been given to mid December to get the vax or I will not be allowed to perform by job of 7 years(which I studied for 2 years to get, whilst raising my children and caring for my husband) My career is being taken away from me, just like that….I am about to lose everything I worked hard for…..unless I get the vax, and keep on getting it for the rest of my life! We are being held hostage by the government and big pharma. I worked through out all the lock downs with no issues. I have 4 children and a disabled husband and some minor blood health issues myself(which I already know no Doc will give me an exemption for). I just dont know what I am to do. I’ve been having anxiety attacks and cant sleep or eat. Like you and alot of people, who is going to look after me or my family if the vax goes wrong for me. I know of people who have had no immediate issues after the vax, I know of people who have had some minor illness after the vax and I know of some people who have had major health issues after the vax, but I know of no one who has suffered with Covid. This is so wrong on so many levels I just cant comprehend!

  4. How about you have the correct headline which is
    …….PRO choice……

    Disgusting headline and so false to call all these people antivaxers, when they where all good enough to work through the worst of covid but now the jab is out losing their jobs. 95% of these people still want to work.

  5. So from what I’m reading after 80% vaccination rate those that are essential workers who are not vaccinated can return to work.

  6. What happens when the SOE ends?
    Are we still able to get benefits?
    I’m a nurse, stood down and terminated from my job.

  7. Mr Davis should not give medical advice.
    Mr Davis should learn what ‘leaky vaccines’ are and why mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic isn’t a good idea.
    Mr Davis should listen to interviews with Dr Robert Malone, Geert Vanden Bossche or Dr Peter McCullough.
    Mr Davis should do more to support his members through researching the subject affecting them.
    The AWU legal team should look into the Statement of Compatibility with the human rights charter that was added to the public health and well-being act 2008 by Mr Jennings.

  8. You a very narrow minded nasty people to believe that they deserve to loose their jobs. Shame on you, you’re a disgrace to humanity

  9. Sorry to disappointypu but the best thing people can do is NOT GET THE VACCINE.I am a nurse and I loved my 20 year career .Nursing pallative care patients.How dare an unqualified health care officer who calls himsel a PROFFESSOR take my career from me .HOW DARE YOU.How would he like .not to recieve a wage now or be able to pay bills fir the sake of a dangerous gene therapy vaccine that will kill most by next year!! I know what is going on.I am well in the industry.And how dare SCOTT MORRISON bring into my country foreigners who will be housed ..given a car..a nice package tofill the working health vacancies .HOW DARE YOU .This was a country I loved.Its gone . Ruined..by selfish parasites who trial all their shitty ideas on thr people that never work but only cause confliction.All they ever do is punish victorians if anuthing goes wrong.You take our money.you put our birth certificates on the share market making $250,000 per quater .HOW DARE YOU MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS ON MY BIRTH.Not many are aware of this..The government steal from us tax payers money that is not yours but your claiming it..And the you get pay rises during this whole sham of lies..Red flags everywhere. The strange overly desperstion to vaccinate everyone will get you Premiers a nice reward from the Elite of a nice depopulating assignment. Well done.but guess what!! Do you really think they will have a place for u in the one world government??Hardly..You ve seen the movies havent you when the people like our Premiers get knocked off at the end and you were only used to help with the elites agends!! That will be your karma lololol

  10. I’m disgusted with anyone coercing an experimental jab forced by the govt, for a man made virus that is 99.97% recovery rate!! This is entirely unlawful under the Common Law.
    You can still spread & catch this virus plus hundreds & thousands are receiving serious adverse effects and dying from this injection. This makes the virus & jab a bio weapon & war against humanity! The WA Govt site admits & improves injecting poison into our bodies without our say.

    We have no help or support from our employers, whether they agree or not. Doctors, lawyers & true scientists are being silenced to push this shot to all of humanity which is doing more harm than good.
    There seems to be a hidden agenda created by the WEF, WHO, CDC & big pharmas who are not transparent with what they have planned with global domination.

    We the people need as much help as possible to provide us with our natural rights to choose, be free & happy as well as join ‘as’ a union to offer our services where possible despite our thoughts, backgrounds & cultures. That’s what I thought ‘unions’ stood for. We appreciate every bit of help we can get to create a better future than NWO have planned!! Look forward to standing with ‘We the People’!! ✊☺️

  11. What about if you have a previous medical condition, & doctors all agree that an exemption should be given…

    But, they are powerless to sign off on them for fear of government reprisal…

    What happens in this circumstance.

  12. I was off from work for unvaccinated finished all my long service leave and annual leave and one week payment stood down from work last week now this week wont get paid anymore can i apply for centrelink money support for rent pls

  13. Bollocks !! The Vaccinations for Covid and Omicron are a scam , I had them done and it has ruined my life .
    Fatigue for 4 + Months , Coughing up Phelgm every day , no motivation for months and months


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